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walt4it 27 Jul 14 01:45 AM

Bel13ve- Day Twenty Eight and Nine - A long Walk home!
Previously on Bel13ve ( or ...and Bruce came too) Day 27

If reading for the first time and want to read more please read from the very start -Index here

DAY 28/29 -Friday August 23rd/ 24th 2013.

Well here it is :(

The end!

I've no photos - I had no inclination to take any photos and I had not one inclination to write any notes about these two days:(
We were going home:cry:

We packed the car, we listened to E street radio for one last time.
We checked in at Orlando and we flew to Washington to catch our transatlantic flight.
Once more Bruce came with us:erm:

Having been with us through the fab satellite radio:thumbs-up for the duration of the trip - Bruce Met us at the airport:d: well not really:erm:

Airport music to me has never been anything until a moment in Washington - a disorganised hub for United Airlines- but from nowhere we heard - Long Walk Home .
Ironic I know but given everything we had listened to in the car it was the most fitting of a departure.

We arrived in London early which resulted in a long wait for the train home - had promised Joanna 23 I would give my verdict on this at the very end;) Just to make sure she reads the whole thing!

I have driven so many times so the idea of sitting in a station and passing 4 hours for a train seems a complete waste of time:(
However I am not driving and from past experiences that is a good thing.
So much so I would go by train again as long as the price is favourable and the train times sensible.
We built in a lot of 'just in case' time and would probably do so again, there were a few opportunities for food at Kings Cross which allowed us to simply wait:( for the longest I have done so all month!

The Bruce thing - I thank anyone who has posted for their comments, he really did not mean to come with us and the radio station we enjoyed resulted in the Ipod remaining unneeded in the car - we heard so much music we would never have experienced at home.
I do have one last treat on that front - see below.

For anyone who has read the whole thing this far - I thank you:wavey:
For anyone who has posted I thank you even more - there were times I thought I would not complete - I have = thank you xx

For anyone who has posted on every thread you can have the soundtrack:d::d:

..and for anyone who is still interested :d:we are about to do it all again:blush:

The next one is here- Meet me in the Land of Hope and Dreams

For anyone who has read this whole report - we came across this video soon after our return home.
It is what we all do - as parents, kids, and dibbers.

A fitting end to a whole trip report that Bruce came with us too:d:

Dream Baby Dream- the final Bruce song of the day in video

Hope you watch:thumbs-up

Thanks for reading and watching xx

THE END!:spin:

Tubbsy 27 Jul 14 05:51 AM

Wow! I have followed your trip from start to finish and have thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, I did well up when you walked down Main Street for the last time. :(
Thank you for sharing your AMAZING holiday! How will you ever top it?

Loulabelle18 27 Jul 14 07:50 AM

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this-Ive loved it all :grin: but was v jealous when I clicked on your pre trip link and saw you have 1 day to go! ;) have a great time x

Carol J 27 Jul 14 08:56 AM

Your trip report has been fantastic what a great family you are :grin: thanks so much for sharing :cool2:

P&S 27 Jul 14 08:20 PM

I have really enjoyed reading your trippie, thank you for taking the time to write it :thumbs-up :grin:

Reetser 28 Jul 14 09:58 PM

Thank you John, Alison, Josh and Joe for sharing such special memories for us all to enjoy a live a long with you and thank you for sticking with the trip writing to the very end.

All of the hardwork in preparing for such trips and the sacrifices made a long the way can be cherished for so long when they are laid out like this.

Whether it's looking through photos, watching videos or re reading through your trip reports the memories are there to cherish!

What a fantastic choice of Bruce song to sign of with too!

I know you will enjoy your current trip as much as every other and I can't wait to read all about it?

anniebee65 29 Jul 14 03:02 PM

New comer at the very end of this report. What a treat to go back and read it all! 27/28 days too. Lovely :)

Niki T 4 Aug 14 06:16 AM

Great report, not sure how impressed DH was when I sang extracts of Bruce songs to him as we got to the end of each day ;) Looking forward to the next report x

summersun 4 Aug 14 12:22 PM

great trip report thanks for sharing

squishy 5 Aug 14 07:57 PM

I've really enjoyed your trippie, not always having time to comment as I grab a day when I can, but have had fun with you - 4 weeks, you lucky devils :)

Look forward to the next one!

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