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Stitch & Smudge 30 Mar 17 11:21 AM

Following along with interest as we are staying onsite for the first time and have the dining plan. Have a great holiday. :wavey:

Disney Bear 30 Mar 17 11:30 AM

Oh lovely start...hope you get a better sleep tonight. Enjoy BOG.

llynnnn 30 Mar 17 11:40 AM

Lovely to read your report, we will be on the same flight your were on next Weds :grin: also flying economy so interesting to see the food choices

Hope you're enjoying your holiday and look forward to reading more

TinkerSmee 30 Mar 17 01:29 PM

I'll be following, I am always interested to see what QS options there are, I always promise myself I will avoid chicken nuggets and burgers!

Andi 30 Mar 17 01:36 PM

I have subscribed to this thread and really looking forward to following it.

Terrific start. :thumbs-up

Dutchdisneyfan 30 Mar 17 02:12 PM

Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

2littleboys 30 Mar 17 03:35 PM

Brilliant start, looking forward to following along :)

minimacka 30 Mar 17 03:42 PM

We are counting down the days till we go so I will be reading your report with interest.

collybird 31 Mar 17 12:22 AM

Hope you're having a lovely time Vickie!

I had to laugh at you forgetting to take pictures at your first meal, every one of our trips I've been adamant I'd do a food report and all but one I've forgotten to take pictures of the starters on pre-travel day. I'm a completionist so not having them always put me off and I've never followed through. The one time I remembered I broke my phone the next day!

hornetgirl 31 Mar 17 09:13 AM

Love an unexpected budget trip :D Looking forward to what comes next.

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