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Emmymcw 29 Mar 17 06:39 PM

I'm looking forward to this report. Have a fabulous holiday

Excitedx4 29 Mar 17 06:43 PM

Oh brilliant I'll look forward to this report. Have a fabulous holiday guys

dismamx2 29 Mar 17 07:41 PM

Very excited for this :) Have a fantastic holiday.

Floridatilly 29 Mar 17 08:13 PM

I am so looking forward to reading your food report, I know I will get loads of tips ready for July!
Hope you have a wonderful time 🤗🤗

Ycryan 29 Mar 17 09:31 PM

Oh so excited, a new food report. Fantastic start, breakfast looked amazing. Have a great time. x

Unexpectedpenny 29 Mar 17 10:03 PM

Looking forward to this!
Have a great holiday :)

JenD1 29 Mar 17 10:26 PM

Have a fab holiday!:tiggerbou Will be reading along:happy2:


hjanea46 30 Mar 17 09:12 AM

Looking forward to this. Hope you had a good flight and have a great holiday!

DisneyDreamer81 30 Mar 17 10:02 AM

Looking forward to following along with this! I love Premier Inn breakfasts and am not ashamed to admit that I had a plateful of those flapjacks last time :spin:

I've not heard of The Romper (I live in South Manchester) but it looks fab!

Have an amazing time!

loves2plan 30 Mar 17 11:04 AM

Travel day part 2 - plane food

Writing this up at 5.45am from CBR while everyone else sleeps around me. I've been awake since 4.30am and despite trying, sleep has eluded me so thought I'd put the time to good use.

We were flying economy with Virgin from Manchester and this was the menu we were presented with:

Andy and I chose the chicken curry and the children chose the meatballs. They arrived looking like this:

The curry was really tasty - a hint of coconut, but with some spice - and the chicken was still tender rather than over microwaved chewy. I mixed everything together - chicken and sauce, ride and spinach, and found that worked well. The salad was refreshing and you can't really go wrong with crackers and Boursin. The GU pot was tasty but rich.

The children liked their meatballs, but left the mash and peas. They also ate the crackers (minus cheese) and GU pot. That wasn't really enough for 2 teenagers, so out came the Boots meal deals - ham sandwich with Doritos for Brodie and chicken and stuffing sandwich with plain crisps for Isabelle. No photos of those as they're just standard Boots sandwiches. We also got 2 packs of chicken salad, chicken and bacon and chicken and stuffing sandwiches (love a triple pack on the meal deal!) for me and Andy which both got eaten and enjoyed.

I slept through afternoon tea, but can report from the rest of the family that the sandwiches were 'meh', the crisps okay and the little chocolate bar was lovely.

Once we got to CBR, we stopped at Old Port Royals (OPR) to pick up our refillable mugs (managed to get 4 different coloured ones, but they all have white handles now), some milk to go with cereal that we have brought with us for quick breakfasts in our room, and a cookie and croissant for Izzy and Brodie using snack credits. Sorry, no photos as by that time my body felt like it was past midnight and the last thing on my mind was photographing snacks :d:

Got breakfast and lunch at Be Our Guest today :)

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