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Usababe 1 Apr 17 09:24 AM

Loving your food trip so far thanks! We are on the QSDP in the summer so it's great for ideas! Can I ask- at the food courts when you want to swap a drink for a dessert if you use your resort mug do you just get one and then tell the person at the till? Sorry if ita silly question- never been before and want to make sure I know everything about the dining plan and what we can do! X

loubyloulou 1 Apr 17 10:48 AM

loving the report so far x

mrsdjh 1 Apr 17 11:14 AM

Hi Vickie, wide awake nice and early today ready for our first morning so just caught up on your report. WPE and BOG were two of our favourites last year. Glad you can swap the drink for a dessert at the resorts. Enjoy your off-site meal, look forward to hearing what you think.

GopherLass 1 Apr 17 02:40 PM

I am reading...

Eleven grapes! Who did you have to *kiss* to get 11? :pgig:

Loving the report so far - but please upload more photos of handsome men in kilts. Like grapes, one is just not enough. ;)

Tor32 1 Apr 17 02:59 PM

A great read thanks for taking the time.

Disney Bear 1 Apr 17 03:02 PM

A great day 2. Good to hear that there is still something other than burgers in HS.

sha9 1 Apr 17 04:42 PM

Great review of BoG breakfast. We have it booked twice this year and I can't decide what to get. I'd quite like the adult portion of brioche French toast!

MariaLynda 1 Apr 17 04:56 PM

Following along! Great start and have an amazing time!

pmac 1 Apr 17 05:19 PM

Great start. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Diz 1 Apr 17 05:44 PM

Just found this and following along. Have a fantastic time. :wavey:

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