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jenna288 23 Sep 20 09:50 AM

Honest opinion on April 2021
We had our holiday cancelled for April this year and resceduled for April 2021. After the announcement of a further 6 months of restrictions i'm just feeling like our holiday will not happen again. I know no one can say but what are your thoughts? The thought of trying to get my money back is filling me with dread.

Gryff 23 Sep 20 10:14 AM

My holiday for November has finally gone now but Iím not writing off our March trip
Iím looking at the 6 months time line as just it might be that it might be less
It takes us to mid March a year since we went into lockdown
No one knows but Iím in planning mode for March now

Norn Iron 23 Sep 20 10:17 AM

I just booked July 21 yesterday. Was originally due to go August this year. Iím thinking positive! This year been brutal so itís give me something to look forward till.

LOU LOU DISNEY 23 Sep 20 10:19 AM

We moved ours from July this year to Easter 2021. Leaving on March 30th so Iím still hopeful of going 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Dutchdisneyfan 23 Sep 20 10:35 AM

We have planned to fly the 23nd of April.
7 months today, can't get super exited...

If we need to cancel everything we need to start half March, so I think that I will be nervous until then.

enjibenji 23 Sep 20 10:40 AM

Just cancelled our 4th trip this year, was flying out to Miami 3 weeks today 😢 We are booked to go to Benidorm end of april 🙏 and patiently waiting to book for West coast USA for oct 2021🙏 god only knows if we will be going or not but I like to have something booked to look forward to. 😊🤞

sbchannel 23 Sep 20 10:41 AM

I feel like you feel OP. We were booked April this year, moved to April next year pretty confident that it would happened. Itís 206 days until we go, and I lose more hope every day!
It is a long time and lost can happen between now and the . We donít care about mask wearing, restrictions etc (we have just come back from Turkey and it wasnít as bad as we thought wearing one in the heat) we just want to go. I am hoping that regardless of what happens here, the US cases start to drop and there is a travel corridor!

I am more optimistic about our Vegas/LA trip in September 2021 though

Iím of the opinion we cannot keep locking ourselves away forever (and my husband is a shielder) and we do need to get on with our lives at some point.

nadya 23 Sep 20 10:44 AM

I'm hoping so,we are booked for Easter,after August this year and likely December being cancelled.

mickeyspal 23 Sep 20 10:48 AM

Our was cancelled, we should be flying home tomorrow, our November cruise has gone too.
Weve booked lapland 11 weeks today, I'm living in hope that we may get that. But as far as Florida goes , we arent even going to think of booking till at least sept 21 or into 22 . Even if we can travel there We just dont want to pay a fortune and not have the full experience

loldis 23 Sep 20 10:51 AM

I've been saying US travel from spring 2021 at the earliest for quite some time now, and I'm still cautiously optimistic that it could happen then. But it will entirely hinge on how the northern hemisphere collectively deals with limiting the spread over winter.

Working against us is the fact the US doesn't rely on international visitors for the bulk of its tourism revenue like many other popular destinations - well over 80% is domestic IIRC and Florida specifically is higher than that. So they don't have to rush to open the borders. If Trump gets re-elected and they have a rough winter, I could see him keeping them closed for quite some time.

If I had a trip planned for that time, I wouldn't be worrying about cancelling it yet but I also wouldn't have my heart set on it happening either. It's touch and go IMO.

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