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pretty71 31 Jul 18 06:59 PM

The Famous Five Hit The Beach Again August 2017 17th August

Thursday 17th

Today I woke up at 5.45am happy days.Grace had arrived at 11.30 though but had been fairly good and slept properly in the middle of the middle instead of on top of me!

I got up pretty sharp as I was going out for a walk this morning after eating way too much yesterday and wanted to go out earlier today as it was too hot after the sun had come up. I left with my new trainers and socks on at just after 6.30...I ended up turning round and coming straight back in the front door as the first thing I saw was the drivers door on the car wide open! Of course it was a little wet inside as we had had that rain but I just got the keys and carried on once I saw the stereo was still there lol.

I put my Fitbit on and started off down the road, it was easier as it was not so warm and there was a lovely view of the moon and Venus underneath...sorry I forgot to take the camera out but I will really try in the morning to remember. I walked along the main road a little too today so did a total of 2.6 miles but honestly I got slower and slower and slower it is so completely draining and I was dripping...I know tmi but I was glad to get back if I am honest. Really hard work in the humidity. Daddy was in the garage when I got back and was drying out the car lol. Nanny Grandad and Grace? went out for a walk so Daddy cut his hair and I made the salad for later. We had got a big box of salad leaves so I didn't have to spend so long chopping and this had served us really well for 3 days. I made a fruit salad for breakfast and ate it by the pool which was amazing, I am not sure what anyone else had as I didn't see lol. Daddy had also picked up some chillies in Walmart so I chopped them too and tried both of the types he had chosen...neither of them were hot or tasty to be one realised they were in the salad!

We went out at 8.30 today with a shopping list to Walmart and we got everything in half an hour so I was well chuffed...we forgot the tortilla wraps though and I struggled to find the frozen garlic sticks. I found a pack of 5 of the pizzas Grace liked but decided as they were frozen to get everything else and then go back ...of course we forgot!

We got back and were by the pool just before 10am which was great and the weather was lovely...Grace was in her element once again which was great...

As photo above! Happy days in the pool!

Grandad made a fruit salad, and they all munched that while I chilled out. Daddy was starving by about 12 as he was asking what time to do the BBQ and kept going on about food so he fired it up at 1.30 ish. We had got some couscous so I made that up and I put some chicken tenders in the oven for Grace with some garlic sticks. Daddy and Grandad had the last of the salmon and a couple of burgers each. Nanny had fish and I had got a chicken earlier so she had some of that and I had a burger again today and just salad.

After lunch Grace was desperate to do a food challenge altogether, she watches these on You Tube and wanted to have a go. See poor picture above for the challenge in full swing!

Poor Nanny and Grandad didn't have a clue what was going on! We had to choose some of the warhead sour sweets and I chose some Oreos and Graham's crackers and some other sweets...we put them in front of nanny and grandad one at a time and they are covered and they have the chance to swap plates without seeing what's on them and then they can look and they have to eat whatever it is. To be honest it better if you have horrible things on the plates but this was not the case! Grace loved it and that was all that mattered really, we filmed it too so it was authentic for her!

It then became overcast at around 3.30 so we decided to cut out losses and shower up and get out as daddy wanted to go to the mall and visit Hollister. Grace wanted to come and she would normally have stayed behind but she wanted to come out so the 3 of us went and do you know she was very very good.
There was a dreadful down pour on the way probably one of the most awful storms I have driven in, really poor visibility so we made our way very slowly and it did take a bit longer to get there. We parked up quite near to the door in anticipation of rain when we came out, luckily it had stopped for our journey in through Sears.

We made our way to Hollister straight away and headed to the back of the store to the bargains area. Unfortunately daddy didn't find anything but I picked up some shorts and jeans and then headed to the front of the store for some jeans I had tried on in the UK...we then all made our way to the changing room. I came out with one pair of jeans and put the rest back. I really wanted a cropped pair but they did not have those in my size in the store. Daddy then tried on a pair of jeans firstly in some dodgy washed out colour then in a proper dark colour...they were lovely so we both got one pair. I then ordered at the till my cropped pair, the guy was obviously learning the ropes and we were ages and ages at the till but finally we came out with our jeans and a pair to collect in a week at the store. I ran in to BBW then, unfortunately I had missed the large candles on sale at $12.50...I was a tad annoyed to say the least and went on to meet them in Starbucks. We got one coffee and a water and a doughnut for Grace, we polished them off and then got back in the car to go over to Aldi's...still not caught in the rain :)

We got everything on the list (all the things we had forgotten this morning) plus stuff we didn't need! And drove back... there had obviously been a bit of flooding as there were 3 fire trucks at the Publix store on the way through and water everywhere!

Grandad after the good challenge! 😂😂😂

We unpacked the car and made sure it was locked! And shut! And got inside for 7. I made Grace a wrap and we watched some tv for about 10 minutes before I took her to bed. It took her a while to settle tonight but she made it in the end.

I then typed this up whilst having the vodka above :) and watched a bit of tv before heading off to bed.
Another easy day in paradise, thanks for reading.

app 31 Jul 18 07:11 PM

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Cinderella 31 Jul 18 07:13 PM

Great day!

Jake71 1 Aug 18 07:20 PM

A good relaxing day.

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