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pretty71 2 Aug 18 07:12 PM

The Famous Five Hit The Beach Again August 2017 20th August

Sunday 20th

I got up at 5.50 today and went straight out for my usual cuppa and I didn't have to make any salad today as we were going to go to Chillis for lunch :)

I got out for my walk at 6.30 on the dot and just decided to go straight up and down the road today, just as well as it was really really humid, the worst it had been. We knew the weather was going to be quite cloudy today which was why we were definitely going out to eat, this humidity was probably the start of today's weather.

I got back in at 7 and we started to get ready for the beach. We decided to go out to Blind Pass again as we really enjoyed looking for the Sharks teeth and we didn't want to go to far as we were out later. We were in the car by 7.40 and soon got to the beach as it was Sunday it was a bit busier than the Friday when we had been before. We got on the beach to see a right treat a few pairs of Dolphins... about 3 sets I think and we could see them really clearly it was so lovely to see them. We also saw a big flock ? Of Pelicans too about 8 of them or so, they are quite a sight.

The shells were lacking today, we saw a lady we had chatted to the other day and she said that it is sometimes like this, they all just disappear! She gave Grace a worm she had and a piece of coral which was nice. Daddy found about 6 teeth but to be honest they were tiny. I told the lady we were planning on visiting Venice beach this week on her recommendation as she said it was the Sharks teeth capital...but she said the day she went she found none, we shall see!

We spent about an hour again and then came off and showered our feet and made our way home. We didn't stop anywhere today and were home by just after 10.

The sun was breaking through and we came out by the pool. The men were watching the Tottenham, Chelsea match while the ladies relaxed but the pool. we came in to shower at about 12.30 as it was very cloudy by then and the game would soon be finished. Grace had got some new T Shirts in Walmart the day before and wanted to wear her super hero was lovely :)

The match ended and Chelsea won 2-1 luckily because I can't stand grumpy men due to a football match! We were going to go up to the Sarasota University Mall but I decided that was a long way to go when we didn't really fancy any of the shops there and we just wanted to see Ross and Marshalls so be went to North Port instead as we had never been there and they had a Ross, Bealls outlet, and a T J Maxx. We had a wander around all 3 for and hour I suppose, it was a little jumble sale ish which is why I don't normally like these shops but you just never know what you might find. Daddy got some CK briefs which we had been looking for as he got a pack last year so he was happy and Grace got some more junk but that was it. On reflection they had 2 nice Tommy Hilfiger bags and I should have got one they were $24 and $28 each a bargain. They were black and bigger than I have got already which is what I need but anyway we will hopefully go back.

We decided it was time to eat so we did the 10 minute drive back down to Port Charlotte and in to Chillis. It was quite quiet which was great and we were seated at a massive booth. Grace went straight on to the games machine and cost us $1.99 just like that! It didn't even ask if it was ok to do which I thought was a bit naughty anyway it kept her and Grandad amused for ages with over 30 games to play. We ordered drinks...Long Island iced tea 2 for 1 oh yes! Nanny got another cocktail type drink and Grandad 2 for 1 beer. Daddy was driving so he had blackberry lemonade. Grace had apply juice and ordered her cheese pizza and fries. I ordered a tex mex chicken bowl thing which was absolutely delicious and this was the nicest meal I had had by a long shot. Daddy had some house combo thing and Nanny had enchiladas and Grandad tacos. Grace and Daddy shared a chocolate cookie skillet. It was all super delicious and I had another round of cocktails which I was going to live to regret the next morning!

We decided when we had finished to go to Walmart across the road just to have a walk round. As pudding had only been small ? we went in search of something chocolate based and as Daddy couldn't decide I made him choose a chocolate fudge cake. The weather had not actually been that bad and there were sunny spells all afternoon, we got back and took our feast on to the lanai. We got some milk duds to try today after trying the whoppers...yuk... the milk duds were a success! I got a small packet of M and M's, peanut ones..I love them and really enjoyed those. I finished some popcorn I had made the day before and had some fact I didn't stop eating. Grace went to bed about 7.50 and went to sleep fairly quickly in the end. I had finished my book on my kindle that day so I downloaded another and started it which I really wanted to read. We continued out on the lanai and came in about 8.45 as we wanted to watch the season premier of the last ship...we lasted about 15 minutes and then decided to turn it off as we don't have sky anymore and when are we actually really going to be able to watch the whole series... I love that programme though we have watched it from the beginning, if you get a chance to see it I can recommend.
Sleep came soon after.

Thanks for reading, hopefully tomorrow I won't eat so much!

app 2 Aug 18 07:17 PM

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Jake71 3 Aug 18 06:32 AM

Chillis sounds good, the food and cocktails!

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