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pretty71 15 Aug 18 11:42 PM

A Southern Adventure August 15th 2018 Day 8

August 15th 2018 Day 8

You will be happy to hear I will not start today by going on about crazy thunderstorms in the night! There were none :)

I woke at 6am and pushed Grace out at 6.30 so I could read my book for half an hour. I got up and did what now feels like the usual morning routine, put the coffee percolator on and boiled water for eggs. We were sat outside on the lanai for 7.15 and it looked like a beautiful morning :)

We were going out for a cycle this morning, we had hoped Grace would be tall enough to join us, but the bikes are all still a bit large. Grace therefore went out for a walk with Nanny and Grandad while Daddy and I went for a cycle. We did just over 2 miles and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed cycling around and looking at the houses which are all beautiful!

We were back indoors for 8.15 and straight in the pool.

Much fun was had by all. Everyone took a turn in the pool with Grace and also time out and chilling, with the music from Spotify in the background (this was often very random music!)

Grace had some yoghurt and fruit at about 10, some ritz biscuits and cheese at 11.30 and toast at 1pm!

The weather became fairly cloudy at about 2pm with very few spits of rain so after about 15 minutes I said "shall we bail out and go to Walmart followed by Red Lobster?"

We decided this was a good idea and would mean we would be back earlier. So by 2.45pm we were all ready and getting in the car.

We got a few essential in Walmart about $60 worth, fruit, eggs, yoghurt, that sort of thing and were soon back in the car and turning on the drive by 4pm. We could see a massive rain cloud tipping it down in front of us!

We literally chucked in the fridge the stuff that needed to go in the fridge and were out the door again and driving in the opposite direction to Red Lobster. I admit I have never been to this restaurant before and was looking forward to having some of those cheese biscuits. We soon pulled in and were seated at a nice round table with a menu to look through again.

We were sticking to the rules so I ordered a sparkling water! Grandad was giving it large saying he was choosing a lobster from the tank and we had been ribbing him about it all day... anyway he bottled it lol

I had chosen the crab stuffed shrimp with salmon, which comes with rice and I ordered a side of broccoli. It came with a Caesar salad and the bread and to be honest the whole thing was absolutely delicious, and only just a little bit huge! I gave Daddy some of my salmon to help me out but I finished the rest and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We left the restaurant at just after 5 and were soon home. We finished off the chocolate cake and cheesecakes we had left over and Grace had a cookie and cream yoghurt that she had had the other day from Walmart and I had got her some more today.

We then sat down to watch Beauty and the Beast on the Disney channel for some chill time while I wrote up this report. The plan tonight is that we put Grace to bed at 7.30 tonight as she is a little tired, which is why we are watching TV now. She is in the kitchen cleaning up things that are already clean and getting us drinks...could be worse I suppose :)

Nothing exciting happened after I posted yesterday's report in the evening by the way and I am hoping for the same tonight but I will let you know if it does.

Many thanks for reading and we will see you tomorrow.

app 15 Aug 18 11:48 PM

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OB1LukeLucas 16 Aug 18 08:43 AM

Red Lobster sounds lovely.

mick 16 Aug 18 09:11 AM

Sounds like my sort of day relaxing a nice meal and a bit of shopping :spin:

Joan :wave:

Mortimer Mouse 18 Aug 18 09:14 AM

Mmmnn red lobster cheese biscuits. I meant to pick up the packet mix of them to bring home, but totally forgot to.

Jake71 20 Aug 18 08:37 PM

A lovely relaxing morning in the sun. Never done Red Lobster but it sounds good

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