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blusteryday 6 Jun 15 06:54 AM

LIVE BLOG: Grand Day Out 2015 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Good morning from the Big Blue Hotel at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It's a beautiful, sunny morning (and verrrrrry windy).

The DIBBcast team (sans Grant, as he was travelling a little later) met last night and feasted royally at the Velvet Coaster pub on the seafront.

Keep tuned as we post updates to our live blog, and announce the grand total of how much we have raised for Cancer Research UK.

The park is looking good this morning. Looking forward to our exclusive ride time on The Big Dipper and Wallace and Grommits Thrill-o-Matic!

Time for a spot of Breakfast. I've opted for Weetabix and toast, whilst young master Foster has gone for...

Uncle Geoff has arrived. Have a read of his t-shirt :nonono:

A collection of pics from last night. Don't ask.

But do note top right Aunty Mel's cocktail. It was a sort of Glowtini, but didn't glow. We called it a DIM-tini :d:

The scene is set. And we're off!;

A beautiful beautiful day!

First up. Wallace & Grommet. Say cheese!

Next up The Big Dipper (Dibber!)

DIBBers row

Top of the world!

Time for a coffee! Starbucks-ish!

Time now for Derby Racers (or as I prefer to call it: The Salad Spinner for humans)

Dibbers row! Again!

Right, now the Derby Racers is over (thankfully) its time to join Team Wimp on the Alice ride!

Just done Red Arrows Sky Force. AWESOME!

Time now for lunch *nomnomnom*


Grant, with his latest squeeze. Don't ask.

Geoff and family.

Valhalla. That's James' annual bath done for another year.

Grant "photogenic" McNaughton with Melanie "no paparazzi please" Roskell

Guess where next. That's right. Mission:Space

Time now for The Grand National. Find, but painful memories from last year!

Oh. Dear. Lord.


What a day! The crew are beginning to gather for tonight's entertainment. And a DIBBcast recording ;)

Well done to our Guess the Weight of the Rollercoaster Wheel winner - Tom!

Grant 'warming up' the crowd!

Our view from the stage!

The show is done, we've had a lot of fun. We've had a ball and now its time to feed. Again.

Glowtini Girls!

Today, between our chums at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, everyone who bought a raffle ticket or donated today to theDIBB Donates YOU HAVE RAISED OVER 2,000 for Cancer Research UK.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone.

jono74656 6 Jun 15 07:22 AM

Would you say it's a very blustery day...? BADUM TSH

blusteryday 6 Jun 15 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by jono74656 (Post 10714004)
Would you say it's a very blustery day...? BADUM TSH

Oh, you had to go there! :d:

jono74656 6 Jun 15 07:54 AM

I just couldn't resist :D

Bubbasmum 6 Jun 15 08:04 AM

Have an absolutely wonderful day guys... We WILL be there next year. Xx

dorsetmutley 6 Jun 15 08:22 AM

I want Geoff's T-shirt! Have a great day:wavey:

CazP 6 Jun 15 08:35 AM

Hope everyone has a great day, looking forward to reading all about it :spin:

christybell 6 Jun 15 08:39 AM

Have a great day guys, looking forward to reading all about your adventures :)

Bats 6 Jun 15 09:01 AM

Hope the sun shines for you all this weekend. Really wish we could have been there with the grandwizards, but the timings didn't work out unfortunately.

Have a ton of fun :thumbs-up:thumbs-up

Megandllsmum 6 Jun 15 09:18 AM

Have a great day guys will be following x

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