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Gryff 17 Mar 20 03:41 AM

We are here
If we can we will,send some postcards from the main mouse tomorrow for those who have to rearrange and disappoint the little dibbers
Message will read
Name or family name
Hey just to let you know we are all fine here
We can't wait to see you when you come out real soon
Mickey and all at Disney world

Bellasmummy 17 Mar 20 05:53 AM

Thatís a lovely thing to do.

Dds best friend has had her trip cancelled, due to fly out 3rd April, itís their once in a lifetime trip that theyíve been planning for over a year and weíre gutted for them.

Dd (10) is disappointed about missing our planned trips but she was more upset for her friend which broke me even more.

I donít have their address but can get it in the morning if you are still able to send by then.

Iíll happily transfer some money to cover the postcard and postage.

Gryff 17 Mar 20 06:06 AM

No need for money just if you feel you can donate Something in our dibbfriend Geoffas name to those in need right now and I mean anything
Just name and address by pm please

vanlou 17 Mar 20 08:25 AM

What a lovely thing to do :spin:

hutton5 17 Mar 20 08:49 AM

Amazing idea. You are such a wonderful person.

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