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fifinefairy 11 Sep 19 10:51 AM

1 day ticket sellers in Los Angeles

As I am still getting nowhere trying to buy a one day ticket for Disney online directly with Disney does anybody know any authorised resellers in Los Angeles around the downtown area or Hollywood area where I can purchase tickets?

Many thanks

m2k00 11 Sep 19 11:24 AM

Couldn’t you just buy them at the ticket booths outside the enterance to the park?

400ixl 11 Sep 19 02:05 PM

I bought ours through the Disney app rather than the website. have you tried that?

fifinefairy 11 Sep 19 03:14 PM

Thanks for the replies

m2k00 - I have heard that the queues at the ticket booth can be over an hour so trying to avoid that.

400ixl - tried that - including deleting the app and trying with a completely new email address, different postal address and card and still gets rejected.

400ixl 11 Sep 19 04:44 PM

Don't think I have seen any brokers selling the 1 day (single park or park hopper) tickets.

Just asked a question in your other thread.

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