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Girlw0nder 29 Jan 12 10:07 AM

Anyone driving in February?
Hi just wondering if you are driving over the next few weeks if you will be taking snow chains with you?

Really hope it doesn't snow but need to be prepared, plus they are needed in France.

I'm borrowing hi-vis jackets from work and we're going to get our replacement bulbs and triangle today!

I think we're almost ready to go! :confused2


Guest 29 Jan 12 05:54 PM

Yes we are driving for the half term hols. We have snow/winter tyres on the car already - bought for this years expected bad weather. Typical it hasn't really snowed yet.
Weather forecast for next ten days looks a little cold with a few flurries of snow forecast - hopefully nothing too drastic though.
We have a little bag in the back of the car now with hi-vis vests, triangle and bulbs - so we are ready to go too.
Not sure about snow chains though ...

DIBBadmin 29 Jan 12 05:54 PM

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