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Bootrip2 28 Jan 20 05:58 PM

Immigration queue
Does the special needs queu at MCO still exist or does everyone go through main one?

chmurf 28 Jan 20 06:56 PM

it changes everytime we go

you need to approach an ambassador as soon as you're in sight of the line
they wear gold vests on white shirt and black slacks or skirts

tell them you need special assistance, and they will help the best they can

last august, the ambassador directed us to the Crew line, where another ambassador came to take us to the front of the line at an officer's booth

the time before that, we were told to use the global entry line, and ask for the special assistance where they split the line up for the machines, and ambassador there opened the "rope" and there we were at the very front of the regular line

see ... there is no telling what it will be like when you go

just look for the ambassadors and state your needs.

Bootrip2 28 Jan 20 09:21 PM

All so unsettling, DD really doesnt cope well after a flight. Last year at JFK it was brilliant, no wait etc, then after flying down to mco just breezed through airport, worked really well for us. In the past we have always been sent through to seperate queue but read somewhere that had changed. Thinking maybe to add a few days to NY first to break the trip up.

adreamisawish 3 May 20 10:51 AM

I was first off the plane at MCO and, with my crutch, powered as quickly as I can to stay at the front of the pack of people behind cos I wasn’t keen on waiting in a long line and I didn’t want to ask for any special treatment.

I needn’t have rushed. As soon as one of the ambassadors saw me they told me to go straight to the line for US citizens and ended up being the first person to be seen off the flight.

So I’d agree with the fact that it probably is different for everyone and there’s no hard and fast rule. They will try and assist as much as possible & I wouldn’t be too nervous next time to straight up ask.

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