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kenville 16 May 19 05:09 PM

Plus vouchers in standard restaurants
As the title says, how does it work if you have Plus vouchers and want to eat in e.g a Standard buffet? Do you lose all value or are you able to get little extras such as extra drinks?


Sarryb 16 May 19 05:13 PM

In my experience they just took the voucher. One voucher, one buffet plus drink.

I assume it'd work the same with the magic pass, but I only upgraded when I had that, from standard to a plus buffet. I don't know if it was cos the system was relatively new, or the staff member was, but they kinda struggled to sort that one out! 😂😂 They got there in the end. X

dav220588 16 May 19 05:23 PM

You don't get anything extra.

Gill H 16 May 19 05:28 PM

Can I ask why you would want to?

Nothing wrong with the standard buffets but
the Plus restaurants are far better.

kenville 16 May 19 05:42 PM

Gill, just on the off chance we fancy a lunch in a standard place. We’ve booked all our Plus restaurants for the evening and some lunches, but wanted some flexibility on other times. Kids might want l try the Aladdin restaurant for example.

Gill H 16 May 19 05:47 PM

Fair enough - I assume you have full board then? That is a lot of food! Personally I found it far too much, going to a restaurant for lunch and dinner. And that was when it was still a 'grab and go' breakfast only. Now that you get a full buffet breakfast at your hotel, I would really struggle to have a full lunch and dinner as well.

Agrabah is indeed a good option if you like Middle Eastern food. Another place which might be a 'good use' of your voucher is Lucky Nugget. It's officially a counter service place, but you sit down in the saloon and your food is brought to you. Unlimited soft drinks are included, and you get to watch a puppet show and live entertainment. It's pricey for a counter service place (about 22 Euros) so would be better value than if you used it at a standard counter service restaurant (which officially you can't, but apparently some CMs will turn a blind eye).

kenville 16 May 19 06:44 PM

Thanks. Yes we enjoy family meal times plus park is open to 10 or later when we go so plenty of hours in the day.

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