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4holibobs 25 Jul 19 07:43 PM

What a shame about your food when as you say the location looks so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing 😀

RachelM 25 Jul 19 09:21 PM

players sports bar, St Pete beach

RachelM 25 Jul 19 09:24 PM

Larry's ice cream- AMAZING $24.54

Disney Planning 25 Jul 19 09:31 PM

Could just eat that ice cream. Sat here boiling!

dixonsontour 25 Jul 19 10:06 PM

That icecream looks delicious

GALE88 26 Jul 19 05:40 AM

Sad to hear Bongos wasn’t great.
Those ice creams look amazing though, definitely going to try some of those. 😀

SussexFamily 26 Jul 19 01:56 PM

I enjoyed bongos when I stayed there.
Thanks again for all your reports and pics !
Very useful !
Farewell !

RachelM 27 Jul 19 01:59 PM

Dennys, tampa en route to airport

We had a 20% off voucher that had been emailed to us. This came to $33ish

Vinniecat 27 Jul 19 02:00 PM

Hope you have a good journey home.

RachelM 27 Jul 19 02:01 PM

Thanks to everyone that read my posts. We are now home from an amazing 25 night holiday.
I have posted most of our meals out that we had. We snacked on food from Wal-Mart and also had breakfast in the villa alot this year, again, with things from Wal-Mart ( pop tarts, toast, fruit and lucky charms)
Thanks again

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