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JoJo88 1 Jul 19 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by RachelM (Post 13931827)


Floridaagogo 1 Jul 19 11:13 PM

$13 😢😢😢😢😢

OB1LukeLucas 1 Jul 19 11:21 PM

Interesting to follow along, itís nice to get an idea of prices. I hope those drink tasted perfect at that price-ouch!

RachelM 2 Jul 19 03:25 AM

Before we came over, we got a Groupon voucher for Hooters. For $15 we got a $30 gift card.
They were also doing half price starters.
My daughter and I shared a starter which was amazing but far too much - tortilla chips with a pulled chicken and cheese dip.

My hubby had the shrimp starter.

I shared a main and side with my daughter - Caesar salad and 22 boneless wings.

We couldn't finish it

Hubby had a burger

Bootrip2 2 Jul 19 06:02 AM

Loving this thread! You are doing brilliantly. X

Floridafour 2 Jul 19 06:31 AM

This is great 👍 thank you

lil mousketeer 2 Jul 19 06:45 AM

This is fantastic :thumbs-up

I will be following along...

Have a great holiday!

THE WIZARD 2 Jul 19 07:54 AM

Terrific bit of blogging malarkey - really enjoying your posting, thank you. We are on the DDP but I'm just enjoying your thread.

Forest32 2 Jul 19 09:11 AM

following along! Love getting food ideas!

scojos 2 Jul 19 09:30 AM

Oohhh off to check on groupon hooters voucher... never been!

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