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4holibobs 2 Jul 19 08:54 PM

Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy your holiday 😎

Steve.S 2 Jul 19 09:01 PM

we love ihop and always go at least once when we are there

RachelM 2 Jul 19 10:59 PM

Chick fil a -

Not to hungry tonight so this was enough.

RachelM 2 Jul 19 11:02 PM

A treat for everyone at the villa tonight. $8.99 for a dozen.

4holibobs 3 Jul 19 01:00 PM

Oh chick fil a looks good... especially as it's lunch time here and my salad isn't really cutting it! Have a great day :-)

dixonsontour 3 Jul 19 02:13 PM

Great for people to see your receipts. Donuts look lovely.

RachelM 3 Jul 19 02:35 PM

Waffle House

We signed up the the e club last night and got a voucher straightaway for free hash browns with 2 toppings. It did say the voucher was to be printed but we showed it on my phone and it was accepted no problem.
We all had soft drinks with breakfast and were given to go cups as we were leaving.

juless77 3 Jul 19 02:55 PM

OMG never been to the waffle house must do that next time great ideas with the snacks x so this is great blogging well done

OB1LukeLucas 3 Jul 19 09:03 PM

I could just eat one of those doughnuts they look lovely!

JoJo88 3 Jul 19 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by OB1LukeLucas (Post 13935505)
I could just eat one of those doughnuts they look lovely!

Just the one? 😉😋😋😋

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