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orangeone123 19 May 19 01:22 AM

We are here, and we are doing this

Some of you might have remembered my predicament in January, when just 3 weeks after we told the boys we were going back to Disney, my husband then left me. I havent been on as much, as its safe to say 2019 is not going to be my year, with one thing after another. But I received lots of encouragement and kind words from my fellow dibbers, so I thought Id pop on to let you know, that we are here, first day in MK today, and we are doing it - with the help of my sister. Its not the holiday we thought wed be having, but hopefully we are going to make the best of a bad situation.

joanna23 19 May 19 01:24 AM

Amazing. Hope you have a great holiday xx

FamilyGWales 19 May 19 01:58 AM

Great photo and nice to read your update. Hope you all have a chance to properly relax and enjoy the Disney magic.

sueandco 19 May 19 01:58 AM

Have a great time.

DisneyBeliever 19 May 19 04:11 AM

Well done, hope you have a fantastic holiday!

Sue 19 May 19 04:47 AM

Lovely to see your post, please make wonderful memories for yourself and your boys that will sustain you through any difficulties you May face in the future

Excitedx4 19 May 19 04:53 AM

Good for you! Have an amazing trip!

Bootrip2 19 May 19 04:55 AM

Good on you! Hope you have a fab time. X

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