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Loopylooloo 30 Mar 17 02:17 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Five - IHOP, Typhoon Lagoon, Bahama Breeze
We decided to head out for breakfast today, and were planning to try Kekes Breakfast cafe, but thanks to my bad co-pilot navigation skills we took a wrong turn, so we headed for the nearest IHOP instead. We went to the one at Vinelands. It was a first time for all of us, so quite an event I think! I was sporting my Stitch ears, which got a few glances. (I am telling myself admiring, not 'crazy'!)

We ordered a variety of food, pancakes, bacon, syrup, for me and Bethany, Chicken and Waffles for George and Harry and Eggs, sausages and hash browns for Terry. And what they call Tea. Mmm. :omg:

Our server, Joel, started doing close up magic for us while we ate, he was actually really good too! We were all suitably wowed by his talent.

I bought my second mug of the holiday (I already got Terry a Grumpy mug in MK) an IHOP MUG! YAY!

We all agreed, yummy breakfast. We left a good tip, after all we got breakfast and a show. :D
Back in the car, we were off to Typhoon Lagoon, my favourite park. We got there about 10:20, and went to find my favourite spot, next to Typhoon tillys, and settled in, only to realise there was a brand new ride right next to us, Misadventure Falls, with a very noisy speaker belting out a strong scottish accent - 'put suncream on' and 'socks and sandals' repeated very loudly over and over. I decided we should move. So we did. Then we headed for the massive wave pool. The kids loved it, I just got really badly swept away and landed in a very undignified manner in a mans legs. Oops. :erm:

Missadventure Falls was a brilliant ride though, it seats up to four in a huge donut, and then climbs up, before sending you down a long wide slide, we all loved it. Crush n gusher next, again, brilliant and then some mad body slides that sent my costume into places I thought I would never retrieve it from.
Time to relax a bit so I had a bit of a nap, and then read my book, with my feet in the lovely white sand. I love the vibe in this park, the beach boys music, the funny whistle, the trees, and the chilled atmosphere its really nice.

Once we had all had enough, we headed home, but stopped briefly at Vinelands Premium Outlet, Harry wanted to look for football boots and got some Jordans in the Nike store. He was a very happy bunny.

For dinner we went out to Baham Breeze, on International Drive. We sat inside, which on reflection was a mistake, because it was freezing! Note to others - sit outside. The food was plentiful, we had mixed appetisers, onion rings, coconut shrimp, nachos etc, then I had my favourite, Steak chipotle, its a delicious chilli type dish, with sweetcorn, black beans, rice etc. Bethany had ribs, George and Harry had Jerk chicken sandwich, and Terry had Steak Oscar with mashed potatoes. My wine was a bargain tonight at $8 a glass so I had two glasses. We love the reggae music here!

We had far too much food but it was all GOOD.

Now we need to go to sleep early as we are up at six am tomorrow to go to Universal lord help us.
(George doesnt do mornings.) wish me luck.

Jaspercat10 30 Mar 17 07:22 AM

Looks like you are having a fantastic time, Typhoon Lagoon,is my favourite place, enjoy your holiday the weather looks lovely.

Megandllsmum 30 Mar 17 07:28 AM

Lovely day again Louise , never been to typhoon lagoon but we will one day... Bahama breeze food looks lovely and plenty of it... have a great time at universal today x

JenD1 30 Mar 17 07:37 AM

Another fab day. We love TL and can't wait to try misadventure falls. Enjoy Universal.:wavey:

Jake71 30 Mar 17 08:49 AM

A day at a waterpark is always fun, even though I don't do a lot of the slides. I do usually get talked into the ones with the big rings and then it's a very undignified exit from it at the bottom! I'm happy lying in the sun with my book and the bags.

Good luck for the morning, it's worth the early start.

WileyCoyote 30 Mar 17 09:29 AM

Lovely relaxing day, that wave pool is so strong though !
Breakfast and Dinner sounded great too.
Oh dear, teens and an early start. Good luck indeed !

Redrach1903 30 Mar 17 12:46 PM

This is getting me so excited! Glad you're having such a lovely time!

I agree with everything you said about TL! It's the best water park! X

collybird 30 Mar 17 07:27 PM

Love your Stitch ears!

Lovesholidays 30 Mar 17 08:08 PM

I love TL best water park in my book ;) great trip reports looks like you are all having a great trip.

Great ears by the way, :wave: from a fellow Suffolk dibber

Mizza40 30 Mar 17 08:24 PM

Thanks so much for your fab trip reports loopyloo - makes me even more excited, coming out on Tuesday x

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