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walt4it 24 Oct 17 01:10 AM

**COMPLETE**A decade of Disney Dreaming - August 2017
Well exactly 12 months to the day and nearly the hour, I embark again on simply sharing what we got up to on our holiday this year. I know some of you enjoy posting a reply and I will always post on here when I update - may be worth subscribing to this thread, as given past experiences it does fill the winter and spring;)

Welcome to 2017

For anyone who read any of my previous ramblings - Welcome back :wavey::wavey:

and if you missed them they are here

2013 is a click here - Bel13ve

2014- Meet me in the land of hope and dreams

2015 - SpectroMagically Taking on the worlds
Five weeks of magic and more

2016 - Follow that Dream, newly completed trip report

As always in Glorious Spectromagic I present

2017 - A decade of Disney Dreams

It would be rude to start without a nod to loads of what has gone before , and I once again admit the title for this year brought about great debate at home.

The boys won!

My title was Kingdom of Days ...
if only to have my final Springsteen reference for this trip!

to me it was top of the soundtrack for this summer

The pre trip report

I hope the pre trip report adds a something as a background, If you have not shared any of my previous ramblings , you are very welcome to have a look at the stories of the past and just add 1 year onto the 2016 intro!

Here we go then!


The trip to Manchester

Travel day...

Day 1 - Thursday 27th July 2017 - The Villa is a Winner

Day 2- Friday 28th July 2017 - In Need of a Disney Fix

Day 3 - Saturday 29thJuly 2017 - Shopping , food and a gardening incident!

Day 4 - Sunday 30th July 2017 - Anniversary and a trip to SandPearl in Clearwater

DAY 5 - Monday 31st July 2017 - Clearwater, 'There's No one quite like Emily'

DAY 6 - Tuesday 1st August 2017 - 'Twas the night before Disney, a Celebration visit too!

DAY 7 - Wednesday 2nd August 2017 - Our First Disney Day MK opening until AK closing!

DAY 8 - Thursday 3rd August 2017- AoA, a change of plan Epcot and a Villa finish

DAY 9 - Friday 4th August 2017- Magic Kingdom without a camera!

DAY 10 - Saturday 5th August 2017 - Mr Grumpy Gills, Studios building site and more!

DAY 11 - Selfies around the World and kebab lad!

DAY 12- Typhoon Lagoon, Musical Magic and more!

DAY 13 Putting for Pleasure ? and Altamonte Mall.

DAY 14 - Epcot and our Goodbye/ Good riddance/farewell to Ellen.

DAY 15 - Flight of Park Opening and another farewell.

DAY 16 - A bonus Flight of Passage and another AK highlight.

Day 17- So long, farewell Great Movie Ride - then off to MK.

DAY 18 - A golf fest at Oak Trail and shopping to follow!

DAY 19 - From Blizzard Beach to Fantasmic in a day!

DAY 20 - A totally Magical Kingdom Day:cool2:

DAY 21- -Epcot with Friends. Nothing else matters.

DAY 22 - A Rarity - we had a day off:erm:

DAY 23 - Pandora Opening and an Epcot Character fest!

DAY 24 - Vamos Orlando City S.C

DAY 25 -Sunday 20th August 2017 - A Pandora Finale and a night on the beer

DAY 26 -Monday 21st August 2017- (Sonny) Eclipse day! and Our last DHS visit.

DAY 27- Tuesday 22nd August 2017 - Our last night in Magic Kingdom


THE EPILOGUE- well worth a read!

walt4it 24 Oct 17 01:47 AM

Trip to the airport day to start everything off for this year - is here php?t=1053060

Welcome to 2017:wavey::wavey::wavey:

sallybunny 24 Oct 17 01:36 PM

Well I'm excited at the prospect of a new trippie to fill the long dark winter days...

walt4it 30 Oct 17 01:20 AM


Originally Posted by sallybunny (Post 12913291)
Well I'm excited at the prospect of a new trippie to fill the long dark winter days...


Thank you

Hope you enjoy.

Have added Travel day tonight:wavey::wavey:

Click here to view

unixgirl 1 Nov 17 07:39 PM

Following - thanks for writing, looks like the holiday is off to a rocky start but the villa looks great. Hope things improve.

walt4it 1 Nov 17 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by unixgirl (Post 12926125)
Following - thanks for writing, looks like the holiday is off to a rocky start but the villa looks great. Hope things improve.

They do and very quickly! Thankfully - hope you enjoy each day that follows:wavey:

walt4it 11 Nov 17 11:03 PM

Day one now posted - The villa is the Winner - Click here to read

walt4it 20 Nov 17 01:20 AM

Day two added with more photos than I thought I could ever find! Click here to read

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