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frances01 20 Jan 20 02:31 PM

4 Day Vist Best Ticket Option
My daughter and her friend will be joining us on our next Disney World visit but they will only be able to go to the parks for 4 days. What is the best ticket option and where is the cheapest place to get them?


TheHughesCrew 21 Jan 20 10:46 AM

There's a 4 park magic ticket; no water park, no park hopping, and 1 visit per day to the 4 Disney parks. This is the cheapest. Undercover tourist or orlando attractions both a similar price

A 4 day base ticket is more flexible, you could do say 2x epcot and 2 x HS if you chose. It's not far off a 14 day ticket in price though...

TheHughesCrew 21 Jan 20 10:47 AM

Don't forget, these tickets do include fast pass, but not memory maker

Nimbus 21 Jan 20 01:55 PM

As mentioned above, both and (and others) sell tickets for various numbers of days. You can get a 4 day ticket from them.

Please note that for a 4-Day Base ticket (or similar) you can buy either a Flexible ticket which can be used at any time but costs more. Or you can choose the date that you want the ticket to start and this will be cheaper. With the 4-Park Magic ticket you have to choose a date.

I'm not sure when you are going... but to give you an idea of price, a 4-Park Magic ticket (as mentioned above) starting tomorrow costs $334 (about £260) on UndercoverTourist. A 4-Day Base ticket starting tomorrow costs $406 (about £315).

frances01 22 Jan 20 01:34 PM

Thank you for your replies. I'll have a look.


Emma & Lloyd 28 Jan 20 12:59 PM

Iíve just looked at the 4 Park magic tickets for our March trip.
About £285 each. Probably the best value option when not getting the 7/14/21 day pass.

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