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sha9 19 Sep 17 06:02 PM

We don't have enough credits! 16 nights Universal and Disney (DDP) September 2017 - COMPLETE!
So we're back a day now and I thought I'd start the dining report as I'm not back at work until Friday :cry:. I will do a full trip report at some point but I'll do dining separate and link to it.

I'll start off with a little intro but if anyone wants to read my pre trip report it's here.

It's myself (Lisa) and my sister (Marie). We had booked for 16 nights finding going the Friday and coming back the Sunday gives you just that little bit extra time with only a couple of extra days off work (or in my case good manipulation of shifts!). We decided therefore to do 4 nights at Universal, Royal Pacific at the start then 12 nights onsite at Disney, Port Orleans Riverside with free QSDP upgraded to DDP. We wanted to make sure the "free food" but was at the end of the holiday as last year we did free DDP first and really grudged paying for food at the end!
The report title is based on the fact we were now doing 12 nights Disney with no offsite days and 4 signature meals so I was seriously worried we'd run out of credits! You can see how well we did as the report goes on!

I apologise in advance for photo quality. I use my iPhone as I find it's more discrete than taking a camera out and tend to do a quick snap once the wait person leaves and before Marie starts eating!

So, on with the report!

Pre travel & travel day.

Day 1 - iHOP, Comic Strip Café and Bubba Gumps
Day 2 - Denny's, Margaritaville and room service
Day 3 - iHOP, Louie's and Toothsome.
Day 4 - Hard Rock Café and Yak & Yeti
Day 5 - Be Our Guest, Pecos Bill & Chef Art Smiths Homecomin'
Day 6 - Epcot Food & Wine, Narcoossee's
Day 7 - Riverside Mill, Hollywood Brown Derby
Day 8 - Tusker House & Wolfgang Pucks Express
Days 9 & 10 - Riverside Mill Food Court
Day 11 - Yak & Yeti, Star Wars Dessert Party
Day 12 - Riverside Mill & Le Cellier
Day 13 - Be Our Guest and Liberty Tree Tavern
Day 14 - Backlot Express, Daily Poutine & Olivia's Cafe
Day 15 - Tusker House and The Yachtsman
Day 16 - Be Our Guest, Casey's Corner

Kim 19 Sep 17 06:07 PM

Great. Can't wait :D


firsttimedream 19 Sep 17 06:26 PM

Getting a bit obsessed with these food reports love them can't wait for more😋😋

Goldia 19 Sep 17 07:35 PM

I hope you had a fab time. I'm looking forward to this, with 4 signature meals it sounds like it's going to be awesome!

sha9 19 Sep 17 07:40 PM

I won't bore you with the details of what I ate during the day at home! We'd booked into the Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport the night before as usual. We were given a Club biscuit at check in because I'm a member of the IHG Rewards Club (not sure why as I never get any rewards!).

We also brought some Azera Latte "to go" cups, a pack of mini yum yums and a couple of Greggs sausage rolls left over from lunch.

We had several choices for dinner - the airport which would be the Wetherspoons landside, the hotel restaurant or a taxi/bus to Braehead. We wandered across to the Wetherspoons at the airport and I found the menu incredibly lacking in variety. We had handily seen the hotel restaurant menu as it was plastered all over the lifts so I told Marie I'd prefer that. They had given us a 10% off coupon at check in as they did last year plus they were doing a meal deal of 2 for £39.99 including starter, main and a glass of wine. While at the airport we popped in to Tesco Express for a pint of milk and "dessert" in the form of two choux buns which were on special because they expired that day.

We headed back to the room only to discover the restaurant didn't open until 6pm and it was only 4.45pm! I'd had lunch really early whereas Marie had it quite late so she was fine. While we were waiting I had half of a sausage roll. Then 10 mins later the other half as it was sooo good! (As an aside you can buy these frozen in Iceland and also in mini form!) I also had one of the Latte's.

So 6pm came and we headed down to the restaurant. We read the menu on the way :d:. We decided against the 2 for £39.99 as we didn't fancy any of the starters plus I don't drink so the wine would have been a waste. Instead we got a starter to share of duck springs rolls. These were really nice and just enough between us.

You can see it's early in the trip as here's a photo of my diet coke and Marie's Irn Bru!

I had the Chicken, Ham Hock & Leek pie which came with peas and mashed potato plus there was gravy. This was really nice but not much chicken in it. Because of my earlier sausage roll :blush: I struggled to finish so left a lot of the pastry.

Marie had the chicken burger. She said the roll was hard so didn't eat it, just the chicken breast and chips. I gave her some of my gravy.

This cost just over £40 with the 10% off however they had added a 10% "discretionary" service charge which annoys me as a general rule. I didn't have it taken off as the waitress was very nice and we'd have left around 10% anyway but it's hardly discretionary if they just go ahead and add it :nonono:.
Anyway, it was nice if a little expensive.

Back at the room we had a cup of tea and our dessert.

The next morning we had a couple of the yum yums with a latte. These were not great the next day and would have been nicer fresh. It filled a hole until we got checked in and through security.

We usually have breakfast at the Beardmore but decided just to go to Frankie & Bennys as we passed it.
Neither of us was too hungry so went for scrambled egg and toast.

I got a latte and Marie got tea. I also got an orange juice.

This was just ok. I prefer my scrambled egg drier than this was. The toast looked like the butter had just been shown to the bread. The latte was horrible. We've done F&Bs for breakfast only once before in town and didn't enjoy it. After this we've decided not to bother again.

Our next meal was on the flight. We were given a menu.

I chose the chicken

and Marie the chilli.

They were both ok. I'm one of those weird people that actually likes airplane food but this wasn't up to usual standards. The salad dressing looked frozen solid so we couldn't get anything out and this made the salad unpalatable. The bread roll was hard and dry as usual and the dessert a not great brownie.

We were given the usual Fab lolly a few hours in. A nice wee refreshment.

An hour or so before landing we got our afternoon tea. I love this as it really is a proper afternoon tea!
I chose the ham, smoked salmon and egg selection.

And Marie the egg mayo, cucumber and cheese & onion.

This was all really nice as usual.

Since we did things differently this year our first meal wasn't something at the resort QS place but we did have to try and find something at RPR or Universal somewhere. Immigration had been an issue so we were a bit later arriving than we'd hoped. Because of this we decided to eat in the hotel. We had a look at the options and went with Jake's Bar as it looked less formal than the Islands Dining Room.

Loved this knife and fork!

And the wee condiment bottles!

I had fish and chips.

This was lovely. The fish (I'm not sure what it was) had a lovely flavour and the batter nice and light.

Marie had the roast chicken. It came with mac & cheese.

Marie enjoyed this and said it was really nice. I tried the mac & cheese and agreed.

This came to around $50. We charged it to our room.

I've just found more notes. I really should read them before posting! Marie had ordered a side of fries with her chicken which we decided afterwards was stupid as I could have given her half of mine. There was also a bit of a delay in the food coming to the extent the server went to check. Not ideal when we were so tired!

sha9 19 Sep 17 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by Kim (Post 12848095)
Great. Can't wait :D




Originally Posted by firsttimedream (Post 12848152)
Getting a bit obsessed with these food reports love them can't wait for more😋😋

Me too! I see I have a few to read now I'm home!


Originally Posted by Goldia (Post 12848350)
I hope you had a fab time. I'm looking forward to this, with 4 signature meals it sounds like it's going to be awesome!

Thanks, we did! You're setting me up now! I hope it's is awesome!

sha9 19 Sep 17 07:43 PM

I don't know why there are two photos of my fish & chips! I swear I only ate one!

MariaLynda 19 Sep 17 07:47 PM

hahaha you say that now! just kidding :) I believe you only had the one lot of fish and chips. Great start :)

theCMG 19 Sep 17 07:53 PM

great start and thanks for posting, subscribing. The fish looked nice, very flat so maybe a flatfish lol

sha9 19 Sep 17 08:25 PM

We don't have enough credits! 16 nights Universal and Disney (DDP) September 2017 - Day 1
So our first time in many years starting the holiday without a character breakfast had to be one of the fabulous breakfast options we've missed over the years. . We had brought some Azera latte sachets and a kettle (we really do love Azera!) so we had some while getting ready.
We went out about 7.30am and decided on iHOP as there's one just round the corner from Universal on I-drive.

Syrup! They had "Old Fashioned", Blueberry, Butter Pecan and Strawberry.

We both ordered coffee and orange juice.

Marie ordered the 2x2x2 which was 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and 2 of either bacon or sausage, she chose bacon.

I chose the French Toast Combo which came with eggs, bacon or sausage and hash browns.

Empty plates!

This was fantastic! The French toast in particular was delicious. It's been a long time but I suspect we'll be making some more trips to iHOP our next trip DDP or not!

This came to $25 and we left $30. No coupons for us as I'm just too lazy!

We headed into Universal and re-activated the Coke Freestyle mugs we bought last year. This cost around $8 each for the day. We re-activated both as we like different drinks. We also bought two of the Quick Service Meal plans as they were BOGO 50% off in September for annual pass holders. This cost around $30 I think plus $16 for the mugs. I need to look out my receipts.

We had a snack mid-morning as we noticed Florian Fortescues Ice Cream Parlour was empty and we've never seen it without a queue all the way out the door. We used the snack portion of our meal plans. I was boring and just went for Butterbeer as I love it so much.

Marie went for mint which she initially thought was mint choc as they're displayed next to each other on the menu.

Mine was divine! I love soft serve ice cream and the flavour of the Butterbeer ice cream. Marie's on the other hand wasn't that great. It was vanilla ice cream with a swirl of mint that you could hardly taste. It made me wonder if you actually could get mint choc if it's just a swirl of flavour anyway.

Lunch was in IoA in the Comic Strip Café. We decided on this as there's quite a varied selection here.

I went for chicken alfredo which came with a breadstick and Caesar salad plus a drink included as part of the meal deal.

Marie had a burger.

I have a relatively low opinion of Universal QS places and this did nothing to change that. The breadstick was stale and the pasta tasteless. Marie said the burger was fine but the bun was like someone had microwaved it and now it had gone stale.
On top of that, even with the BOGO 50% off I don't think the meal deal was worth it for us in addition to the Coke Freestyle as we didn't need a drink with our meal - we could have used the mugs. We also didn't then need the additional drink that came with the meal deal but we got bottles to take back to the room. I'm rubbish at proper budgeting for food! Sorry Dixonsontour! :blush:

Dinner was Bubba Gumps on Citywalk. We decided on this as it was Saturday and having a Landry card meant we could just walk up. As expected we were seated straight away.

I ordered Forrests Seafood Feast.

Marie had Mama's Southern Fried Chicken. This came with mashed potato but Marie asked to sub this for fries.

This was nice but I found mine was warm, not hot. I actually found that a lot this holiday and I think I only had to blow on my food twice! It wasn't cold but still...
Marie said her chicken had a lot of coating on it.

This cost us $23 after taking off a $25 birthday reward Marie had (we both had one). We left $10 tip.

We had also bought one of the giant pink Lard Lad donuts and I had a bit later. Sorry the picture is not great as we'd carted it around IoA!

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