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sha9 2 Oct 18 04:54 PM

What no DDP? Sept 2018 dining report. COMPLETE!
So we're back. A week with no DDP. I was looking forward to not having it and dreading it at the same time!
I'm going to try and do a day of the dining report and a day of the trip report at the same time so bear with me!
I've either kept or photographed the receipts plus have a print out of the room bill and haven't tallied it up yet so this will be interesting. :erm:

The pre trip report is here if anyone wants to see if it matches up!

Travel Day
Day 1 - Fresh, Backlot Express & Sharks Underwater Grill
Day 2 - Kusafiri, Yak & Yeti, Daily Poutine
Day 3 - Be Our Guest, Tonyís & Les Halles
Day 4 - Bellevue Lounge, Backlot Express & Trattoria al Forno
Day 5 - Food & Wine, Yak & Yet
Day 6 - Bellevue Lounge, The Plaza & Le Cellier
Day 7 - T-Rex & Bahama Breeze
The final reckoning

sha9 2 Oct 18 05:05 PM

Travel Day
Breakfast was a Belvita biscuit and some coffee in the room.

I only had a couple of bites as it was 6am and I wasn't that hungry.
We had decided to have some food on the flight to Dublin but they didn't seem to be serving hot food, presumably due to the size of plane. Instead Marie had a muffin and I finished by Belvita biscuit. We both also had a Kenco Latte which is basically one of those pre-prepared cups that you add hot water to. These were actually quite nice.

When we got to Dublin we were going to eat somewhere at The Loop but pre clearance looked busy so we decided just to go through. We went straight to 51st & Green and ate there.

It looked like we had just missed the hot breakfast :(. We grabbed a scone and I got something that was choux pastry and praline cream.

I actually wished Iíd got more of these as they were gone when I went back up. It wasnít long before the hot lunch food came out which was macaroni cheese and a small roll with cheese and pulled pork. The mac and cheese was ok but the roll was a bit hard.
There was also some salad with cold meat, cheese, biscuits and crisps. There were some small rolls that I had with the cheese later too.

The food on the flight was ok. The choice was beef something, chicken something and a vegetarian option. I didnít make many notes on this but I had the beef stroganoff and I think Marie had ravioli. We got an ice cream mid flight and then a ďwrapĒ just before landing. This was a cheese, tomato and red pepper wrap that Marie thought was like pizza. It was pretty awful and I didnít finish mine. Marie was starving so she ate hers.
Sorry, that's pretty poor but I'd turned my phone off for the flight so no photos.

When we arrived at Boardwalk we had planned on getting some chicken nuggets from the To Go booth but it was closed. All that was open was the bakery, the pizza window and the table service restaurants. The pizza queue was quite big and we didnít fancy anything from the bakery. In the end we went to the shop and got lunchables, orange juice and crisps. This cost $26.57. I was missing DDP already!

So food cost today was $26.57. I'm not counting anything before we arrived!
On DDP we could have used 6 snacks I think but I didn't check.

loves2plan 2 Oct 18 06:17 PM

Can't believe you're back already!

That's a crazy price for lunchables, crisps and a drink. I'd have found that painful to pay! :d:

Looking forward to seeing how things pan out without the dining plan and how the costs end up stacking up - rack rate with free dining, or discount with paying oop for food.

dixonsontour 2 Oct 18 06:22 PM

Looking forward to this. Hope you had a lovely holiday :wavey:

OB1LukeLucas 2 Oct 18 06:45 PM

Hope you had a great holiday, I canít believe your back and writing up already! Looking forward to following along.

sha9 2 Oct 18 07:51 PM

Day 1 - Fresh, Backlot Express & Sharks Underwater Grill
Today we had booked an early (very early!) breakfast at Fresh! Mediterranean Market at The Dolphin before spending the morning at DHS. We wanted to try some different places since we didn't have DDP (lets see how that works out ;)).

We walked across around 6.30am arriving around 10 mins later as we sauntered. We were shown to our table straight away. It wasnít busy at all with just a few people who I assumed were conventioneers. I think you could easily get a walk up here. We browsed the menu and were a bit surprised to see that the buffet was $28.99. Iím sure it wasnít that much when I researched it but maybe it was. You could also get a la carte items but since it was our first morning we decided to go for it.

This was a great buffet. The chef made eggs to order (and I assume French Toast as there was a sign up). There was also some Canadian bacon and I think turkey at a carvery. I didnít take many photos as there were lots of conventioneers and I didnít want to look like a tourist! There was a large selection of small pastries and if you wanted toasted bagels or bread you just asked the server. I got some toast which came with a lovely little tray of jams and some butter.

There didnít seem to be conventional fruit juices but there were a variety of juices available with unusual items in them. These were:
Energize Ė spinach, wheatgrass, ginger, green apple, kiwi, orange and pineapple
Antioxidant Ė blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, carrot, ginger, apple, orange, pineapple
Detox Ė beets, ginger, apple, orange, carrot, pineapple, blackberry

Energize close up.

I tried Energize & Antioxidant and found them both drinkable. Antioxidant was nicer. Marie had Energize and Detox. I tried Detox and it basically tasted of beetroot and nothing else. These were an interesting change from the usual.
I asked for fried egg over hard and the chef automatically gave me two. I also got some Canadian and American bacon and a sausage plus some breakfast potatoes. There were waffles at the side which you had to ask the chef for so I had one of those too.

Marie also ended up with fried egg although she said she meant to ask for scrambled.

I then went up for some fruit and pastries.

I only got a couple of the pastries and they were just ok but overall it was an excellent breakfast. We enjoyed this so much that we discussed coming another day but decided in the end to wait and see how we felt given the price. It cost around $72 including tip. We couldnít have used DDP credits.

We were in DHS mid-morning and we wanted a drink but not much was open. We popped into Starbucks and walked back out as the queue was out the other door. Not surprising as not much else was open for breakfast. We ended up with a bottle of Dasani water each at $3 each. We refilled this during the morning and used our Robinson squirty juice to flavour it.

We were hungry by about 11ish after our early breakfast so planned to go to Backlot Express and share the 10 piece chicken nuggets. We tried to pre order but couldnít get it to work so gave up in the end and just ordered as normal.

While in the queue Marie decided to also get the kids macaroni cheese which came with fries, a cookie and a drink. We were supposed to get free iced water here but Marie ordered Dasani instead and we got that for the kids drink too. We enjoyed this and I picked up some honey mustard dip and ranch dip.

This is what my share looked like.

And this little guy was mooching.

I canít find the receipt for this but it was $21.41 in total. This could have been 2 QS credits although we would have got 2 adult meals.

Dinner was our Orlando Magical Dining Month booking at Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld. This was $35 each for 3 courses from a set menu and you got to stay in the park after dinner. I had emailed to get a booking at 3pm which was the earliest but the reply was a booking at 3.30pm.Which we arrived late for due to me not allowing enough time to get there. It was fine in the end though.

We were seated in a booth which faced the fish tank. We both sat side by side so we were facing the tank.

The menu only had a few items on it with the starters just being salad.

We were brought out some warm, sweet bread rolls. These were nice and I could have eaten more.

Marie went for the Caesar Salad and I chose the Sharks Signature. This was really nice and quite unusual with lots of fruit in it.

For mains we both chose the Filet Mignon which came with mashed potatoes which seemed to have cheese in them. This was really nice and we both enjoyed it.

Dessert was Key Lime Cocktail or Chocolate Cake so we got one of each. Marie got the Key Lime Cocktail and I got the chocolate cake. Neither were particularly great so we didnít finish them.

This was $81.99 before tip. Obviously this wouldnít have been covered by DDP.

Total spends for the day $181.40 not including the Walmart shop as I can't find the receipt. We could have used 2 snack credits and 2 QS credits had we been on DDP.

sha9 2 Oct 18 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by loves2plan (Post 13517601)
Can't believe you're back already!

That's a crazy price for lunchables, crisps and a drink. I'd have found that painful to pay! :d:

Looking forward to seeing how things pan out without the dining plan and how the costs end up stacking up - rack rate with free dining, or discount with paying oop for food.

I know it was really hard! I couldn't believe the first thing we bought made me wish we'd had DDP!


Originally Posted by dixonsontour (Post 13517613)
Looking forward to this. Hope you had a lovely holiday :wavey:

Thanks, it was tiring but great!


Originally Posted by OB1LukeLucas (Post 13517645)
Hope you had a great holiday, I canít believe your back and writing up already! Looking forward to following along.

Thanks! I can't believe I'm back either! I feel like I came back a week early!

Floridaagogo 2 Oct 18 08:45 PM

Great value on the sharks underwater grille !

sha9 2 Oct 18 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by Floridaagogo (Post 13517867)
Great value on the sharks underwater grille !

It definitely was! I think weíd do this again but not make it our first day :erm:.

scouse_minx 2 Oct 18 09:18 PM

Great start! So quick to start your write up. Reading with interest in case I ever decide to do a cheeky week when DDP isnít offered.

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