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cd900 6 Apr 21 10:16 AM

29th May - am I mad?
Hi, hoping some kind dibbers will give some helpful insights. We werenít planning a trip to Florida for this year but... Iíve been hearing some whispering about the US / UK border opening up mid May and it seems sort of likely the US will be green on our traffic light list. Weíre tied to school holidays and already have plans for summer. Iím seeing some pretty decent package prices that would allow us to go for the June half term (leaving on 29 May) with a £150 deposit (BA). Iím willing to risk the deposit and balance wouldnít need to be paid until 3 weeks before, at which point we would have a better idea of the position. We have a 6 year old and 1 year old. I donít think the masks would be an issue for my DD.

This wouldnít be a once in a lifetime trip. I know the experience would be a bit different with masks and no parades/ fireworks but as this would just be a little bonus getaway I kind of donít mind that.

Would anyone be tempted to book? Or is this madness and I need to step away from the laptop?

Keegan 6 Apr 21 10:22 AM

If people can afford the testing requirements and the risk that it could turn Amber/Red when you're away so are willing to isolate on the return or pay for the hotel isolation should it turn red. I don't see why not, everybody is different and open to different risks.

The traffic light system is very similar to the air bridges last summer, should cases rise or a variant of concern be detected they will move down the traffic light at governments discretion.

I'm holding off and hoping to rebook for December time. 3rd time lucky!

kitjos 6 Apr 21 10:24 AM

Lol, i like your style :tongue:.

Honestly, its a gamble of which im sure you know of. It could go either way at the moment although the leaked info on traffic light system does seem positive for USA :thumbs-up. You will be close to the mark of going IF we get the go-ahead from May 17th, but you'l also be one of the first to go :cool2:.

Im more of a 'do it!' kind of gal, so that's my answer - mainly due to limited commitment of a small deposit (we have done the same for Oct with BA). Just be aware that there may be testing involved for all party members over 2yo so add some £ for that and possible hassle (as im sure all of us will go through at some point)

For me, just to be in the Floridian sunshine is a win, even with a limited experience in the parks xx

GMickeyB 6 Apr 21 10:25 AM

I would say that's a BIG gamble, but you never know it could pay off, and if you aren't bothered about masks then go for it! :)

nadya 6 Apr 21 10:29 AM

As you sound aware of all possibilities,then why not?.Have a great time if you get to go!

juless77 6 Apr 21 10:39 AM

your the same as us ,go if you can and you are aware of it all, we can all dream thats whats keeping us going at the moment x

EssexSue 6 Apr 21 10:42 AM

Good for you. I'm still hopeful for June. Someone has to be first!

katy341 6 Apr 21 10:48 AM

We should be going may 25th thankfully we can amend with tui (despite prices bring crazy!) We would have gone 25th May 100% however, we see on the availability calendar that HS is not available at all for our entire stay and MK is starting to fill up too. Serves us right for not sorting tickets but I didnt really think it would go were too much of a bargain!

We are amending today and will pay the 900 extra🙈 for October x

cd900 6 Apr 21 10:51 AM

I know... huge gamble! And Iím generally quite risk averse but... £150 Iím willing to risk. Weíre ok to pay for testing and Iím hoping that itís unlikely the US would go from green to amber or red within literally a couple of weeks of travel being allowed. When I think of the possibility it fills my heart with happiness!

ziggyzag 6 Apr 21 10:54 AM

Please go,it means then I can get to go on the 4th June :D

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