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scottishmum 11 Jan 20 05:53 PM

Netflix v amazon prime video
We have Netflix and have used it for a few years, my mum and dad use our account too.

Anyone advise what the difference is with Netflix and amazon prime tv?
With amazon does that include prime membership for delivery from amazon etc? Do they have the same shows etc?
Can someone else use my amazon account for streaming like Netflix can.

Thanks .

Teach0778 11 Jan 20 06:01 PM

Iíve got both. To be fair I donít watch much on Amazon but I do use the prime benefits when shopping on Amazon.
I watch a lot more on Netflix- itís my go to rather than Prime. I also find Netflix easier to use - but that may be because I watch it more!

redfox5 11 Jan 20 06:13 PM

I'm not a massive fan of prime. Normally you have to pay extra for the good stuff. It's rare that I actually find something to watch on there.

And yes someone else can watch from your account.

Netflix is much better though!

Princesa 11 Jan 20 06:15 PM

I can never find anything to watch on prime, every single time Iíve typed something in to watch itís come up that I have to buy or rent it.

Sandra & co 11 Jan 20 06:20 PM

We have both but mostly watch Netflix and the odd thing on prime :)

Tesh11 11 Jan 20 06:39 PM

We have both and also mainly use amazon prime more for the shopping benefits and watch more on Netflix, we also have Sky with all the packages including movies, although we still find we have to quite often have to pay extra even with 3 subscriptions, very frustrating! DS wanted to watch night of the museum tonight from 2006 and had to pay extra 😡

Chair1519 11 Jan 20 06:39 PM

Got both. There are a few shows like Bosch on prime which I enjoy but nowhere the number on Netflix. Have it more for the prime delivery

MillyMoo 11 Jan 20 06:45 PM

I cant ever find things I fancy watching on either of them! 🙈

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