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Excitedx4 12 Jan 20 03:01 PM

AJ and the queen
Binged 3 episodes this morning really enjoying it. A nice easy watch too and funny. Nothing too heavy! Never even looked into all this drag scene and RuPaul before but gave it a whirl and enjoying it 😊

jemett 12 Jan 20 03:54 PM

You will love Drag Race. I havenít watched this yet but Iím really looking forward to it. We love RuPaul in our house.

Excitedx4 12 Jan 20 04:11 PM

Will defo be giving drag race a go after this!

littlelish0544 12 Jan 20 08:33 PM

Love ru paul,.love drag race, will be watching this next week

Gill H 12 Jan 20 09:58 PM

What is it on?

Excitedx4 12 Jan 20 11:54 PM

Itís on Netflix

soraia 13 Jan 20 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by Excitedx4 (Post 14238241)
Will defo be giving drag race a go after this!

You'll love it - it's an absolute joy! I'd recommend starting on Season 4 :)

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