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Maggie 14 Jan 20 01:51 PM

Hello, total novice here! :wave:
Hello, thank you for the join. Planning for 2021, maybe Easter? Three children, who will be 10, 10 and 8. I'm hoping to plan it myself (this should keep the costs down a bit?). First question... when to look for flights? Virgin and BA look like flights aren't available for Easter 2021 yet, TUI look like they are almost sold out! Any advice? Thanks in advance x

galaxyflorida 14 Jan 20 02:00 PM

TUI shouldn't be almost sold out... maybe the reason it looks like this is because they only fly once/twice a week from most airports so it looks as though they have less availability than Virgin or BA.

Flights only are commonly released 11 months prior, so they should open up around the end of April for you to book. They're quite expensive when they first come out but do go down slightly after a few weeks.

Sometimes you can book a flydrive through VH before 11 months too so have a look at that.

Maggie 14 Jan 20 07:33 PM

Thank you for replying x

Trueblue88 14 Jan 20 10:59 PM

Welcome to The Dibb

coggie 14 Jan 20 11:16 PM

With your scheduled airlines you can only book 11 months out (think it may actually be 330 days) , so for you to book a return flight it will be on your return date. As mentioned the first few days are expensive and in my experience with Virgin come down after a few days or so
However you could look at flydrives before then.

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