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MinniMouse 27 Jul 19 09:21 PM

DH did a boat trip last year. The guy who ran the trip said there was a increase from 17 million to 25 million over 5 years! I wonder what percentage are visiting the parks. Nuts!

Gabsnoot 27 Jul 19 09:45 PM

We noticed this issue with FP queues when we were there in October, itís so frustrating.

We joined the FP queue for RnR in HS at the same time as a couple entered the standby line, the FP queue was so over subscribed that the couple got on the ride in the car in front of us.

One night we went to joint the FP queue line at BTM and it was snaked along so far that you couldnít see the end from the entrance to the ride, we spoke to a man near the front who said he had been in the FP queue for 40 minutes! Needless to say we have it a miss.

BevS97 27 Jul 19 10:00 PM

It seems to be hit and miss as we did many fast pass queues today and they were all very short. Just as you would expect.

Gabsnoot 27 Jul 19 10:05 PM

To be honest it was something we noticed more in the evenings when the parks were super busy. We didnít notice so many long waits in FP queues during the day.

AnnieB 28 Jul 19 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sue BL (Post 13978421)
Iíve seen quite a lot written about Disney manipulating wait times, particularly stand by times to discourage guests from joining the lines.
Theyíve got no need to improve food quality or increase the staff/guest ratio when they can keep increasing prices and still get increased gate numbers.

The trouble is that it will damage their corporate image if they have too many unhappy guests.

They have been able to increase prices because people expect an excellent experience and have come to rely on it. People will pay a lot if they are guaranteed a good vacation. But once more and more people start to feel ripped off, visitor numbers will fall.

filharmonic 28 Jul 19 02:24 PM

Completely agree with the food quality decline,we visited in 2017 and although the food was expensive you couldnít really fault the quality,but we went in late June and we really struggled to find anything of decent quality in the parks,personally I feel itís the dining plan thatís lead to this, food is poor quality but most people donít complain as itís ďfreeĒ because of the dining plan. We had breakfast in tusker house we had been a few times over the years and always found it really great but was so disappointed in the whole experience this time and at over $80 for the two of us a complete rip off, we had breakfast at the Golden Corral later in the holiday the choice and quality was so much better and the cost less than $20.

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