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ashilda 20 Aug 19 02:56 AM

4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Sunday 18th the one where Cecil had a strop...
The plan was to get up at 7am and go to universal for rope drop but as you've probably figured out by now we never seem to stick to our plans! We woke up at 8.30am as none of us set alarms thinking someone else had done it! It was too late for the hotel breakfast and by the time we had showered and dressed it was 10.30 and we were all hungry, we said we would do our international drive day instead and Cecil drove a different way thinking it was a shortcut... it wasnt. We call him sat nav on holiday as no matter where we go he gets lost, even using an app which is mad as he drives alot for his job, it's like he just cant do it on holiday!

We pulled into friendlys for breakfast and sat down but dd didn't like anything on the menu, I knew she wouldn't eat so we snuck out, Cecil wasnt pleased though. We then pulled in at hash house a go go, the valet took our car but it was so busy they were queuing outside so Cecil got the car back, it was 11.30 now and he was really hangry!
I suggested McDonalds as dd would eat there but he snapped saying she can eat that anytime and he didn't want a crappy McDonalds. So obviously we went to McDonalds! We had a little tiff at the ordering machine as ds was changing his mind about what he wanted and Cecil was just being so impatient and stroppy! It cost $50 dollars which might have been because kids were ordering items separately rather than as meals which added to Cecil's fury!
I had fillet of fish, fries, hash browns & latte. Cecil had double sausage mcmuffin meal with cheeseburger and a chocolate shake. Dd had nuggets and fries with choc shake and hash brown and ds had bacon cheeseburger, fries, hash brown and strawberry shake.
the McDonalds was standard but the place was filthy and outside smelt of rotting food, in all honesty as soon as we got out the car I didn't want to eat there but Cecil was mad and we were all starving, definitely the worst meal of the holiday.
We were too grumpy and annoyed to enjoy idrive so we went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool for an hour to relax. We headed to idrive in the afternoon. We all share some dragon breath, they were fun but tasted like stale cheese balls so I just had 2, kids enjoyed getting the smoke to come out of their noses though

We then went on the eye which was scary for me as I hate heights, then went round sealife and waxworks, it didn't take long but both were great.
Cecil went on those swings in the sky called starflyer and while he was gone me and the kids shared a snowcone to cool down.

We went to millers for dinner. Cecil had a lovely cider called angry orchard, I'm sure I've seen it in sainsburys and will definitely be buying some at home, its delicious. I had a cherry limeade cocktail which was nice. Dd had coke and ds had lemonade.

Dd had the kids meal of cheese quesadilla with fries and also had an adults starter portion of chicken tenders with it, she had a scoop of vanilla ice cream too although they called it blue shark or something on the menu for some reason.

Ds had full rack of baby back ribs and fries. I had some of his ribs and he had half my steak... this was not a good swap for me! My steak was perfectly cooked and so tender and flavoursome, his ribs were a but dry and not very meaty.

I had the fillet mignon with jacket and fries, I thought it came with 1 side so I asked for a baked potato and she threw me when she asked for 2nd side as I didn't have the menu so blurted out fries!

Cecil had flat iron steak with boom boom shrimp, fries and coleslaw. The shrimp were nice but I thought the sauce had a strange taste.

All in all it was a good meal, the steak and cocktail were the highlights. The bill was $103 and we were too full for dessert but finished off the last bit of cheesecake factory when we got to the hotel.

Floridaagogo 20 Aug 19 10:48 PM

Iím sorry but I did laugh at your fries with a side of jacket potato 😆

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