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ashilda 21 Aug 19 02:42 AM

4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Tuesday 20th volcano bay
It's our last full day today as we fly home tomorrow night.
We actually got up at 7am..omg! We had a quick final hotel breakfast, I think I've only had the hotel breakfast 3 maybe 4 times which is a bit wasteful as it's free!
I had raisen bran, 2 toast and a bowl of fruit salad.

At volcano bay I had some crisps and some jolly ranchers.
When we got back to the hotel I had most of my whoopie pie which was sooo good and everyone else had the last of the voodoo doughnuts and some m&ms.

For our final dinner went to manny's chophouse, I really like the set up of this place especially the petrol nozzle door handles!
Our server was over attentive in the way some American servers are, he even asked whether we preferred the English servers style or the American and said he was literally 'dancing to the tune for dollar' and 'its what we have do to survive'... it made me feel a bit uncomfortable tbh as though he was saying make sure you tip me well.
He recommended some appetizers but we said we didn't want any, I had a frozen mai tai and Cecil had a beer, he got 2 because it was happy hour but only drank 1. Kids had soft drinks.

They bought out fresh bread rolls with cinnamon butter and a huge bowl of dressed salad which the server tossed and served at the table whilst trying to force more interaction, he made a joke about the royals inbreeding as though we were best buds... I really wasnt keen on this guy he was so pushy and desperate, I tried avoiding his eye each time he walked past!
The salad was good but none of us liked the butter, it made the bread taste like malt loaf.

I ordered 6oz fillet mignon with crab stuffed shrimp and fries but the server asked if wanted 9oz so I said ok. Of course I didn't eat it all so shouldnt have taken the upsell! I forgot to picture the prawns, they were quite nice, it was all good really.

Cecil had the 24oz porterhouse and even finished ds meal, I told him we are dieting when we get home!

Ds had the bacon cheeseburger yet again and Dd had grilled cheese yet again!
we also shared some onion rings.

The server sucked his teeth and frowned feigning sadness when we said no to desserts, honestly he was too much! I would recommend going there especially if theres a birthday as they do a loud announcement and everyone cheers, I think our server maybe didn't get tipped by someone and wanted to let us know how hard he was trying for his money, he got 18% from us.

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