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NatsyNoo 31 Mar 11 08:00 AM

DISNEY BRIDE DIETS - How are we all doing? PART 2
This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts.

The original thread was located HERE.

The first post was...


This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts.

The original thread was located HERE.

The first post was...


This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts.

The original thread was located HERE.

The first post was...


This thread has been automatically created, because the original thread had over 500 posts.

The original thread was located HERE.

The first post was...


Have set up this thread by popular demand

A place for us to share the highs and lows of our weight loss in a countdown to get the body for the dress of our dreams!

I think we'll start it from Monday would be the best thing...

Good or bad news, we want to hear it so we can spur each other along!

So much change was going on the chart was hard to keep up to date, so I think it's best we all report our full figures and keep track from there!

Hope that's ok x
Please feel free to carry on...
Please feel free to carry on...
Please feel free to carry on...
Please feel free to carry on...

loves_disney 31 Mar 11 12:30 PM

another new thread! hey ladies, weighed in on my new scales and i'm 11st 1.5lbs, so thats a 1lb gain from last week. i know t's not a monday, but i shall weigh in on monday and pray that i've lost at least 1lb. fingers crossed.

did jillian again today, just level 1. and that stupid natalie is really starting to #### me off now! if you'd seen my earlier post you would know that i've noticed that natalie just slacks off half the time, now that i've noticed it it's really bugging me!

today just tidying up my room, it's a state. then i'm heading up to glasgow again cause it's my friends birthday so i'll be going out! i'll be on the vodka and diet so no carbys!

hope everyone is well,

loves_disney 31 Mar 11 12:46 PM

sorry to hear about your sts nats, i always get really bloated during my TOM and felt i held a lot of water so it might be that!

Watergirl 31 Mar 11 02:43 PM

Sorry yo STS Nat, never nice.

Just popped home from work to let dog out.
Had meat at lunch, as couldn't get home early enough to get my shake, as was busy.
We're being really messed about by a couple of clients at the moment, so am on the warpath - we're planning on poaching all of their staff now. Already got 4 from one of the companies. Just need to find them jobs now and then send reference requests so that they know it's us! Grr I hate my job sometimes.

Anyway, still no sign of TOTM Kel! How are you feeling my lovely?
Lost a grand total of 1lb this week so far. Not exactly inspiring. WI day tomorrow, so wondering if it will be more or not. Also thinking my hormones might have something to do with my poor losses.

NatsyNoo 31 Mar 11 07:41 PM

Evening all!
What a day! Work was mental and then had to tak Buttons to the vet...he has mites :(
Cost £45 today, and 2 more lots of £45 to treat! Boo! Who said rabbits were cheap?! Good job I love him so much!
Anyway another good food day. Just had a nice portion of turkey meatballs for 10 points, lots of it. Sandwich and cereal and apple earlier and will have some pudding later, either chocolate bunny, creme caramel or mini mullerice
Bought a few wedding bits today...candy buffet scoops and tongs, got 5 for £15 so not too bad, and got Mr and Mrs letters for top table which we're going to spray paint silver. And a flower for my hair. Not sure how to have it...either a double headband with it up curly or a big curly mass to the right of the bottom my of my head with a big flower in so I'll try both. Also going to get some 'love' letters for the candy buffet, but I don't know how else to decorate it.
Really hoping I can shift something by Monday, can't face STS for a whole week after being so good!

Hope everyone else is good!

kaboomba 31 Mar 11 08:58 PM

Evening ladies!

Any I know what you mean about Natalie she really annoys me too lol! It's not that blooming hard! Hope you can shift that pound!

Oh Nats poor buttons hope he's ok! They are expensive little things! Mine has been on a hunger strike for 3days, she kept eating her hay and not her food so not getting any vitamins so we stopped giving her but she's stopped eating now just up turns her bowl and hides in her house! I think I'm going to have to give in 2moz she must be hungry bless her! Hope you get some weight of this week how about some exercise DVDs to try and push it?

Liz I blaming you for starting my totm lol! Blooming talking about me hardly ever getting one and then it rears it ugly head today boo! Do you get pains like a period but actually get one? I normally just get that but no pain today just the blooming thing! How rubbish about work hope you get it sorted

Hope your ok kel, not like you not to be on!

Well not much to report from me, got signed off on home products so I can actually sell now woo!

Food today
Cheese omlette
Chicken Mayo salad
Atkins crispy cereal bar
Sugar free jelly
2burgers with cheese ( was starving!
Brownie Atkins bar
Macadamia nuts

Was alot of food today but I was really craving sweet things hence the two Atkins bars! Hoping my cravings will be gone by next week!

Righto off to bed I go I'm very tired! It's Friday tomorrow yeah but not French martini Friday boo :( haha I'll be thanking that there wasn't one when I step on those scales monday morning!

Guest 31 Mar 11 09:53 PM

Hi everyone.

Aww bless that is expensive int it for your rabbit. We got a rabbit on tue,its so cute its really fluffy as its a lion head rabbit!
You seem very organised too with your wedding nat.
What date do you get married again kim, sorry to ask just completely forgot.
You seem to be doin well with your diet too kim.

Been quite today at work its been really windy and rainy today.

Anyway off too slp now goin to go gym in the morning

night xx

kaboomba 1 Apr 11 08:05 AM

we're the same here rach very windy and miserable! I'm getting married 14th July next year! I feel like we've not done anything for the wedding for ages but we've got everything done really so not much else we can do lol!

Its friday yeah! Cant wait for a long lie in 2moz morning! Have a good day everyone!

Guest 1 Apr 11 10:26 AM

O is it next yr kim i dunno why but i thought it was this yr! You have got ages to get organised yet lol!

Im goin havin a hour as iv been up since 4.30 with lucy she couldnt stop coughin
have a nice weekend everyone xx

alkel2730 1 Apr 11 12:16 PM

Hi girls,

Sorry I wasnít around yesterday; I was really under the weather. I donít know really how to describe it, just if there was such an illness as Ďrun downí thatís what I felt. I was shattered, really shattered, I went for a nap yesterday and ended up asleep for 3 hours. :blush: I was also hot cold, hot cold and shaky and everything ached and hurt and I had a permanent headache and felt sicky and weak. To boot my TOM came yesterday morning and that just finished me off as I had horrendous period pains (Iím sure they are getting worse! :mad2:).
I woke up at about 6am this morning, too hot and felt instantly sick and like my stomach was on fire and my eye socket was going to explode Ė okay slight over reaction but I felt rough, :( Alex got me some paracetamol and a drink and told me to sleep and one of my cats, Daisy (sheís very much a mummyís girl) must have seen I was ill cause she snuggled in right next to me and pressed her body up against my tummy, as I was curled on my side, and the heat from her body really soothed my tum and I fell back to sleep with her purring loudly (best sound in the world IMO :)). I then woke about 9am this morning and I feel soooo much better! Much more human. Funny little illness. :confused2
I said this before but I really canít help thinking that if I didnít eat so well, take lots of vitamins and have such a good diet that I would have just had full blown flu. I went to work yesterday but left at 12 as I really wasnít feeling well and everyone had said Iíd gone really pale. So glad Iím feeling better, I donít get ill very often and so donít cope well when I do. All that said Alex is making a right racket at the moment so at this rate my headache is gonna come back with vengeance Ė he putting new chrome spotlights in our downstairs bathroom and the sawing of the holes is awful, I worry I'm gonna have a cealing of holes. :erm:

I had a Ďcarbyí day yesterday as I felt I needed to energy boost and I couldnít be bothered to prepare food so I just had eggs and soldiers for lunch (love it!) and then a microwave Ocean pie for dinner. :tounge: Cals were quite low though, only about 1000 I reckon, tops.

So Kim, Nat Ė whoís fault is it that I came on my TOM 3 days late and practically the same day as you guys?! How funny weíve synced. :d: Liz Ė any show of yours yet? I think, looking at my calendar I should (touch wood) just about miss my TOM whilst on honeymoon. Hereís hoping. (fingers crossed :D)

As you can probably imagine Iíve failed my challenge as I didnít exercise Wed or Thurs, booooo! I wanted to but Alex said no I was too sick and needed to sleep and rest and heís prolly right. I am going to try and do a gym room today, even a marathon if I feel ok. Iíve had multigrain brown toast and a shake for my breakfast (still eating the fibre early on.) and then got omelette for lunch (although I might have eggs and soldiers again!) and tuna salad for tea so should be ok although more a low GI diet rather than low carb which is fine for my digestive system.

Iím working from home today but only a light day and then tomorrow Iím off to see my brother in Birmingham but Iím taking food with me.

Finally before I go on to you guysÖ.Iím going on my Disneymoon NEXT MONTH! Waited ages to say that. :spin:

Amy Ė donít worry about a gain at this stage only worry about that Monday weigh in and you are doing wonders to get that one under control. Good exercise. Natalie never really bothered me on the shred that I can remember but next time I do it Iíll pay attention. ;) I think number 2 is the hardest one of all the 3. That other extra, must be a regular exercise extra sheís also on the Gunnar Peterson workout. I donít mention that work out much because I havenít done it for a while, but if anyone is after a really fun workout, thatís the one for you. Itís a ball workout and its just fun. The other Jillian DVD Iíve got called Banish fat boost metabolism (my fav Jillian DVD) features a REALLY annoying extra called Kristen, she is obnoxious. :erm:

Rach Ė Yes, I love the swimsuit! Itís very flattering. It still clings too much around my belly but once that is a bit slimmer it will be fine. It wasnít big though and that was a 14. Itís a lovely shape though isnít it and quite retro? I like the strap too, think I might worry about it coming down without! I love having something like that that I love Ė canít wait to try it out! I now want some Rocket dog snackie shoes and Iím sorted, luckily I can get those cheapish off ebay. Did you notice Rach theyíd sold out of our cossie now? !
Congratulations on your new fluffy baby. The lion heads are amazing, they look like little teddyís donít they? I used to have Rabbits and guinea pigs growing up and I think it taught me so much on how to care for living creatures and how to be gentle, as a result as you know Iím a massive animal lover now so I think your children will really benefit from having their new baby. :)

Liz Ė how did you get on with your weigh in today? Your work sounds like itís quite stressful at the moment, that wonít be helping with your delayed TOM. Id honestly say with everything going on at the moment for you Ė stress at work, wedding worries going on (howís the invites going BTW?) stress of losing weight, doing a VLCD, worrying about TOM, and having a lot of the pill in your system, it would be much more likely that you are you are just suffering a delay in your TOM and nothing else but I do understand you are worried, especially with your history. Itís unlikely though hun so donít worry too much if you can. Iím charting at the moment and the window of pregnancy is so small, one day per month really and then a couple either side where chances are lower but still possible added to that the chances drop dramatically over 30, so youíd be very very unlucky to have it happen for a third time and so try hard not to worry. Easier said than done though I know. :smile:
You made a meat and taty pie! Iím very jealous that I couldnít have any, I feel its only fair that you should post me some. ;)
Hope your tummy is a lot better, its awful being bunged up, makes you feel so sluggish and bloated doesn't it? Horrid, luckily my added fibre is helping me, hopefully you are a bit more sorted now?

Nat - poor Buttons and poor Buttons mummy for having to spend a small fortune fixing him! ;) I know heís worth it though and heíll appreciate it a lot. That is pricey though Ė where do you go? You can sometimes get that kind of stuff cheaper on line so long as itís not a prescription. Donít worry about your weight until Monday, Iím sure it will be fine as your calories will have dropped so much anyway over all. Wedding purchases seem cool Ė any news from your dad and the booking?

Kim Ė good on you for sticking well to your diet and being committed enough to go and do the right thing even faced with some sticky choices. Just keep it up this time, díya here me? No getting bored after a week or two, ;) keep goingÖ..:D July next year is soooo close and you have Orlando in between then and now so you have to be on your A game when you can. Good on you too for not doing French Friday too, you will appreciate it on those scales. Just one observation, looking at your diet Ė watch your cals Kim and your fat, I know you were hungry yesterday but thatís quite a lot of cals and fat, if you get hungry days then you are best to try and fill up on things like meats or salad if possible rather than cheese, nuts and mayo. Congratulations on getting signed off on the home products and well done for sorting out the issues with that girl Ė always better to clear the air and will make your life much easier. I was like that with the wedding too, there was a huge lull in activity where everything was booked, deposits paid, arranged and then a huge gap - I kept thinking I should be doing something but really there wasnít anything to do. :confused2
Aww your poor stubborn little piggie off her food, bless her. They can be awkward sometimes canít they? I think its so hard when they canít tell you what they want either and you have to almost think for them, itís a big responsibility isnít it? Hope she comes round soon and starts eating again. :thumbs-up

Righto off to get some lunch. Have a good weekend everyone. xxx

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