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mlbolger 12 Oct 13 03:30 PM

Adding on to a booking
We have booked to go away in 29 days. Booked direct with disney and got free dining plan and 10 day MYW tickets. If my Son who is not coming with us cos at College decided at the last minute to come (I hate going without him) would I be able to add him on to the booking. There are seats left on the plane so that is not a problem at this point unless they all disappear! Its just whether Disney would let me buy him a park ticket and pay for dining plan as free has now finished. Or would it mess up my existing booking. x Sarah

TabZ 12 Oct 13 03:51 PM

No you should be able to do this no problems as long as the room you are booked in can hold your son as well as standard - 4 adults in a room depending on the resort

I'm going through this at the moment with Virgin Holidays trying to get another adult added to our booking for next year, bring on Monday so I can sort it out!

I would call Disney rather than try and do it online, it will probably be easier to amend it over the phone.

mlbolger 12 Oct 13 04:05 PM

Thanks its just 2 adults and one child at the moment and may want to add my older Son on. We are staying at CBR so 2 double beds so plenty of room for him. x Sarah

TabZ 12 Oct 13 04:14 PM

Shouldn't be an issue then :)

mlbolger 12 Oct 13 04:15 PM

I was worried that if I needed to add him on they would treat it as a new booking and I would lose my free DDP as the free promotion has now ended. x Sarah

DIBBadmin 12 Oct 13 04:15 PM

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