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Guest 19 Jul 14 03:05 PM

Hiya All

Can someone tell me about the Sunday afternoon lunch at Inventions - cost, what's included etc. I am looking to book for the 21st Dec when my ADR window opens.

Thanks :wave:

gopher27 19 Jul 14 03:33 PM

That's the day i'm thinking of going as well,i just have to justify the cost to myself of two kids not eating much but having fun with characters at christmas.I think it will cost somewhere in the regiom of 190 euros for two adults and two children.

twindisney 19 Jul 14 07:14 PM

Hi you get about 11 characters at the brunch :grin:
You get a glass of bubbly :d:
Very nice food too.
Allow about 2 hours for this if you want to some reviews and pics pm :d:

Gill H 20 Jul 14 06:44 AM

My review and pics in the guidebook.

Inventions Sunday Brunch

Click on 'Photos' to see the pics - so worth it!

This is not cheap (it was 65 Euros each, minus Shareholder discount). However, it is one of the most luxurious meals I have enjoyed at DLP.

We started with champagne, and then attacked the buffet. Lots of amazing cold options including gorgeous whole langoustines, crab, parma ham-wrapped cheese, all sorts of very fresh salad-y things. I could have made a meal from the cold selection alone.

The hot selection was OK but not very hot the day we went. But the desserts, oh my word. I could have eaten dozens of the light and airy iles flottantes - little puffs of meringue with a caramel sauce on crème anglaise. And loads of mousse-type desserts, gateaux - a real feast.

The theme was Hawaii on our day, so we got Lilo, Stitch and Angel as well as Mickey and friends. They all spent loads of time with us and the interaction was excellent.

We were there from about 1.00 - 3.00 so it was a nice relaxed meal. We certainly didn't need to eat again that day!

I will say, though, the Christmas brunch costs more. When we went in early January 2013 we were quoted 80 Euros each, and decided not to do it. I have to say, that price would be too much for me.

As an alternative, what about eating at Café Mickey, which is not a set price so you only pay for what you eat? Or there is a character brunch on Sundays in the Steakhouse too, which is a lot cheaper.

Guest 20 Jul 14 09:25 AM

Sorry to hijack, have you got a review on inventions in the evening, we are there Monday-Saturday so missing the Sunday brunch :-( xx

DIBBadmin 20 Jul 14 09:25 AM

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