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RUMBY 11 Nov 19 09:48 PM

Akl or ybc
Can't make my mind up Animal Kingdom or Yacht Club, anyone stay at both of them and which did they prefer thank you :)

Loulou127 11 Nov 19 09:55 PM

Hi, yes we’ve done both and honestly we prefer SSR or OKW or our absolute favourite was Bay Lake Tower, sorry that probably doesn’t help! x

Dr.JumbaJookiba 11 Nov 19 09:56 PM

Stayed at both and enjoyed both but we usually do split stays. If it was one or the other for a two week (or whatever) trip it would be YC for restaurants nearby and park access.

YorkshireT 11 Nov 19 10:07 PM

Definitely one of the Epcot resorts, particularly if you like somewhere to walk.

Guest 12 Nov 19 04:48 AM

I have only stayed at a YC of the two, but I have visited AKL many times and I would love to stay there one day.

But if both cane up at similar cost, I would put AKL on hold once again and go to the YC for location. If there was a £1-2k saving by going to AKL, I would go there.

lexie32 12 Nov 19 07:31 AM

Stayed at both in the same trip in 2012 and although AKl was nice it was a massive comedown after the YC. We’ve since stayed at the BC twice In 2016 and 2017 and then the WL in 2019 and AK would be our last choice to stay at again.

RUMBY 12 Nov 19 08:01 AM

SSR is our favourite to but can't get in there anymore :(

Mexy02 12 Nov 19 09:43 AM

We left yacht last week , shocking . Stick to another skyliner hotel , it takes you straight in and it’s lovely to ride . Yacht needs a rocket up it.
Akl is stunning . We’ve stayed at both.

Spotter 14 Nov 19 04:08 AM

We're just back last week from 2 nights at AKL savannah view and 12 nights at Beach Club which obviously shares location, pool and other facilities with YC.

For us it would be Yatch Club. The location, choice of eating places within walking distance and the ease of access to two parks were great. AKL was very nice but our savannah view wasn't particularly good which does put a bit of a negative view on it. Our 6 year old absolutely loved then pool at YC/BC.

rafjen 14 Nov 19 11:18 AM

Probably Yatch club due to location but AKL looks lovely and if significantly cheaper I'd go there. I just wish they had rooms for 5.

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