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sha9 14 Jun 20 12:26 PM

The Big 50 trip September '21! - Pre-trip report
Now for some positivity! For those of you who have been following the 2020 trip is now cancelled (well more or less). We're rescheduling to September 2021 for my 50th birthday trip (:cry:). This was always scheduled but would have been in addition to this year and not instead of :(.

For new people the travelling party is myself, Lisa (still 48!) and my sister Marie who is slightly younger. We've been going to WDW together for over 20 year (next year will be 25 as we first went as adults without parents when I was 25).

Since the trip is so far away I can guarantee it will be changed multiple times :d:. I'm a bit indecisive and impatient so the combination means things are booked with free cancellation but never set in stone!

I'm confident things will be back to normal by next September therefore phrases that are banned from this thread are:

-Living with Covid
-The new normal
-Social Distancing
-For the forseeable future

And essentially anything else that suggests we'll be living like this forever!

sha9 14 Jun 20 12:32 PM

We originally had PE return flights booked with Virgin Atlantic using miles that we had accumulated partly using miles boost. Because we had paid for the miles I was a little reluctant to take a refund as if anything happened to Virgin we'd get nothing. The fees and taxes refund would also have went onto the credit card as a credit rather than us actually getting cash back so we've gone for the open ticket. I've been assured by VA that we can still book each leg individually as we would with reward flights and that additional reward flights will be made available for 2021. This means that as soon as our outbound is released we can get that booked and same with the inbound increasing our chances of getting. Hopefully any increase in fees and taxes will be small and even more hopefully there will be no increase in the miles needed. We'll just need to wait and see so there won't be an update to this until late October/early November unless something new happens at VA's end.

sha9 14 Jun 20 12:38 PM

Well this bit will no doubt be edited numerous times!

For 2020 we had Coronado Springs booked with free QSDP. When the Disney email came out I cancelled seeing no advantage to rescheduling to next year other than to lock in a specific resort. While waiting on the email I had been browsing and come across the WDW Dolphin on Travel Republic for £15 deposit and free cancellation. It was going to be cheaper than POFQ, even taking into account the resort fee and with no free dining the location of the Dolphin increases it's value over any Disney moderate in my opinion. When the email arrived offering no additional incentive to move to next year I went ahead and booked the Dolphin with TR.

Fast forward 2 days and Dibbers are reporting keeping the gift card and being told they can add free dining if offered later in the year and I'm regretting the decision to cancel. Assuming all we would lose is the deposit we've already paid if we moved then decided to cancel it seems a better option than cancelling, losing the gift card and finding out months from now that I could have had free dining :cry:. In view of that I'm currently waiting on a call back from Disney.

Edit: the call back was a disaster. Waited all day only to discover a missed call on my mobile. It didnít even ring :mad:. Anyway, had decided just to leave it then started to panic a little bit so Iíve just called Disney to move to next year :blush:. So now we have 2 hotels booked with the second being POFQ for 15 nights. Carried over the deposit and free gift card. Now weíll need to wait and see what happens.
Watch this space!

sha9 14 Jun 20 12:41 PM

We had upgraded our tickets to Annual Passes last year to use again this year so I contacted Universal saying we couldn't go now and could they do anything. We've been lucky enough that they've offered us two equivalent annual passes for 3 months from whichever date we arrive. This is great and means Universal is sorted for next year!

For this year we had 2 nights at Hard Rock Hotel booked at the start of the trip. I'm not sure we'll do the same next year and more likely will book one night during our Disney stay. Still waiting to hear from Hotwire about this year before we do anything about that.

sha9 14 Jun 20 12:44 PM

Car Hire
Our preference is always to hire a car but the parking cost at Disney has made that less palatable. We had booked a car for a week this year but cancelled it very quickly. Whether we get a car for the whole trip or just part will depend on which accommodation we land on and how our finances are. If we get to keep the gift cards at Disney that would more or less cover it. If we stick with the Dolphin we won't have Magical Express so will probably need a car but then less likely to need it for transport to the parks. We may do our first night in a value for DME and then book a car for the second week.

I'll update this part closer to the time probably.

Megsey 18 Jun 20 10:52 AM

Oh Lisa, it's very sad that you decided to cancel your trip this year :(

But enough of that! You now get a whole new holiday to plan for. I'm so glad I managed to catch the start of your PTR so I've got all the edits and changes of plan to look forward to! Hey, at least you have longer to save some additional $$$ to spend whilst you're out there!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip

sha9 18 Jun 20 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by Megsey (Post 14532248)
Oh Lisa, it's very sad that you decided to cancel your trip this year :(

But enough of that! You now get a whole new holiday to plan for. I'm so glad I managed to catch the start of your PTR so I've got all the edits and changes of plan to look forward to! Hey, at least you have longer to save some additional $$$ to spend whilst you're out there!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip

Thanks! You will definitely have lots of amendments to read about! I think even more so than usual. :d:

sha9 25 Jun 20 08:18 PM

Well Mum & Dad threw a spanner in the works (well Mum really, Dad doesnít really get a say!). They were supposed to have a big party next week for their Golden Wedding but obviously thatís not happening. Mum decided last night to spend the money on coming to Florida with us next year. Last time we had a great trip at OKW in a 2 bed villa with free dining but itís looking more and more likely that next year will be entirely different. Iíve explained what weíve done to Mum and she likes the location of the Dolphin having really loved the Boardwalk area last time. She agrees though that if thereís any chance of free dining we should go for that. So Iíve booked them a room with TR at the Dolphin which again is free cancellation. I called Disney to add them to our booking but today POFQ has disappeared so the CM suggested I wait rather than risk an amendment fee. She seemed to think adding them to our room now but then switching to 2 rooms later would remove them from our booking therefore reducing the price. She said park reservations were available and I didnít need to worry. I hope sheís right!

Milpston 4 Jul 20 03:25 PM

Following along. I need some 2021 pre trip report positivity in my life. I never thought planning for Disney could become even more complicated 😂

jojo_3596 5 Jul 20 11:57 AM

So pleased to see a new 2021 pre trippie! We have moved ours to next July, so reading a new pre trip report folks me with positivity and excitement! Keep the updates coming 😀

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