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AntonyJ 9 Apr 19 12:06 PM

Darn - failing my niece with her Tokyo Travel - help!
Anyone good working our travel options in Tokyo?

My niece flies into Haneda this Sunday at 22:30 and needs to get to APA Hotel Hanzomon Hirakawacho in Tokyo.

I am trying to work out how she can get to her hotel via train / limobus etc - but utterly failing - can anyone help?

I think it will be nearer 00:00 before she gets out of Customs etc. but I appears to read conflicting information on her possible travel options at that time - bar a mega expensive taxi.

Anyone better at these things able to see options that might be available?

Google maps suggests 02:19 there is a limobus / train option but takes about 3 hours, but the limobus web site appears to say they run every 20 or 40 mins that time of night, to Shibuya.

ERICSMUM 9 Apr 19 12:11 PM

I travel solo and not a nervous traveller but if that were me Iíd find a hotel in or near the airport for the night and set off to the APA hotel next morning.

I donít mean Tokyo is unsafe but itís a big place and at the end of a 12 hour flight she might be too weary to face their public transport. It took me nearly 3 hours to get through immigration and baggage reclaim, although that was Narita and late afternoon so might have been extra busy. I was kn####kered by the time I got to the hotel.

AntonyJ 9 Apr 19 12:16 PM

Thanks for replying - she is flying in from Malaysia as she is working there at the moment, but I think a hotel might be a good option still, but she is keen to get into the city - just not sure i can find a way that does not involve an expensive taxi :(

AntonyJ 10 Apr 19 07:43 AM


The limo bus runs after midnight on a reduced schedule - but the times work for her - phew :)

Pieces 15 Apr 19 06:40 PM

I get there at 6pm and I'm still taking a mega expensive taxi.
After an indirect flight totalling 14 hours, I literally can't think of facing public transport lol.

AntonyJ 16 Apr 19 11:07 AM

Lordy - by all reports it will cost a bomb!

kk20 20 Apr 19 09:32 AM

damn. ive only juat seen this. For others there is an app called citimapper that live shows pyblic transport options from A to B. Its a good app.

AntonyJ 20 Apr 19 08:06 PM

Just to close this down, she was off and on the bus within an hour and it went so easily.

She is now home, had the most amazing trip and experiences :-)

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