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Lostbrain 2 Nov 19 02:13 PM

Just the 4 of us - an Efteling adventure
Hi all, welcome to my pre-trippie. As usual there's a bit of a rambling backstory..

The plan is to go to Efteling for 3 nights over February half term. I'm a teacher, and I really struggle with sleeping, particularly during periods of stress. This October half-term I've not had a decent night, Xmas is never terribly relaxing and school is going to be relentless until Feb. Part of my role is overseeing all the arrangements and assessment of students getting access arrangements in their GCSE exams and the deadline for the summer exams is February half term. After that I think a proper break will be needed.

A couple of years ago we had a rubbish few months and so I booked a few holidays - we got a great last minute deal on DLP, it was our first trip there, it exceeded expectations and I slept *so* well - for the first time in months - felt amazing.

So planning this trip I looked at DLP - but it is expensive - I hate booking a trip when I don't feel I'm getting a good deal - and the hotels there don't work too well for us - we stayed at Davey Crockett before, but the breakfast wasn't great there and we didn't like having to get in the car every day. The other options are largely 2 double beds - I don't really understand why they do this - I've a 12 year old girl and a 9 year old boy - they are not sharing a bed - at OKW last year we ended up with a girls bed and a boys bed - which was fine but not ideal.

I'd looked at Efteling before, and the accommodation there looks lovely, we looked at few reviews and the consensus was that it was up to Disney standards. Checked out some YouTube vlogs and the absolutely adorable Maddie Moate (you must check her out) convinced me we'd have a good time.

So the 4 of us, me, my lovely husband, and our fabulous (on a good day) kids are off to Holland.

We've booked 3 nights in a deluxe secluded family room in the Bosrijk area. Looks lovely.

It's in a woodland area

There's an indoor pool and a restaurant on site.

It's got a kitchette so we can do some food in the room

and it's got bunks for the kids in a separate room so mum and dad can get some time alone too.

The accommodation is 10 minutes walk from the park entrance.

So now we need to work out how to get there, and whether we are going to add anything on either end - we've booked from Sunday night, so we could tack an extra night on the way down to Holland. We'll go across the channel but undecided on ferry vs. Le Shuttle. We live about 2 hours from Dover and Efteling is 3.5 hours from Calais, so it's a long old journey but doable in a day.. Research needed.

Lily8 4 Nov 19 12:08 AM

If you want to add something a little different, take a look at Kinderdijk. We took a detour on our way to Amsterdam, and spent a few hours here. It was beautiful and fascinating.

LauraE 4 Nov 19 06:30 AM

We really enjoyed Efteling last Easter. Iím sure you will have a fab time. Whilst it wonít break up the journey, If your children like animals you could consider staying a night or two at Beekse Bergen safari resort, which is about 15 mins away. You can stay in bungalows overlooking the savannah and thereís a pool/bowling and access to a great safari park. We stayed a week and it was amazing.

Lostbrain 2 Jan 20 01:49 PM

So we've still not booked our crossing - it's on the to do list for today. Eurotunnel is working out about a tenner cheaper than the ferry, and as it knocks an hour off the journey, that's a no brainer. I think we are going to cross a day early and stop somewhere - Lille, Bruges and Antwerp are all contenders. This will mean a more relaxed travel day and effectively an extra day in the parks. We've booked the Caro show on arrival night, because that's the only night of our stay that it's on, so don't want to be shattered from a 6 hour journey that night.

I had a look at restaurants, and the only one that seemed to be a full service with online booking appears closed for all of February. Might be that we have to venture to nearest towns if we want to avoid burgers? Maybe Disney would have been a better bet (we are looking at it for the summer hols now, possibly with a train journey to Barcelona..).

Lostbrain 5 Jan 20 11:43 AM

All booked! Crossing by Le Shuttle on the Saturday, night in Novotel in Breda on Saturday night to break the journey a little and give us nearly a full day on Sunday in Efteling and late crossing on the Wednesday, we will leave first thing and stop for lunch on the way. Very exciting.

We've also started planning our summer DLP then Barcelona trip.. so difficult to find accommodation that suits our family..

Lostbrain 23 Feb 20 11:11 AM

Small trip report now up.

Lostbrain 23 Feb 20 11:12 AM php?t=1161946

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