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Graciesmummy 5 Aug 20 08:23 AM

2021 positivity thread

After not going away last year due to my husband having cancer treatment and now having our what should have been, celebratory August trip cancelled due to Covid I've decided that it's about time we're due a bit of luck so decided to start a positivity thread for all of us due to go next year :)
We're a family of 4 DH, myself and two dd's who will be 9 and 15 when we travel next August, we're having a week in Orlando doing universal staying at LRP and Hyatt house followed by a weeks cruise.
Yes no one knows how things will pan out but I just thought it might be a nice idea to have a place where we can all enjoy and share our planning with others with the same outlook :grin:

BigSkip 5 Aug 20 08:45 AM

I've got a 10 day trip, staying Regal Palms, and doing no parks planned for late January, which i am hopeful for, and a 3 week California and Nevada trip for May/June, which is our postponed September this year holiday. Possibly a Lanzarote trip to do too, depends if that happens this year.

Also plans for a Brittany/Normandy trip in the mix - maybe September 20 if we can't go to Spain, maybe September 21, if i have enough Holiday entitlement.

Love planning, looking at options, and am positive that we will be going somewhere. We have decided to give WDW a miss until 2022 though. Was more due to trying to avoid the anniversary celebrations.

vegboatride 5 Aug 20 08:46 AM

It sounds like a fantastic holiday which Im sure your family are more than ready for. Im feeling positive for 2021 and Im going to book flights in November as soon as they are released, we are going to to in October 2021 and I dont mind how busy, quiet, different it is, well just be happy to be there as a family :spin:

TinksandFlynn 5 Aug 20 11:11 AM

Ill join the positivity thread! We have August 2021 booked after having to cancel this years holiday. Booked POR for two weeks. Just hoping its back open by then. We have reserved our days at the parks and we have done a homemade countdown that is hanging proudly in the kitchen.

blades 5 Aug 20 11:20 AM

August 2021 for us too (end of August) - not booked any park days as I'm tight and won't pay for my tickets in full yet and I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow let alone 12 months time.

till 5 Aug 20 11:29 AM

We are looking at booking for April 2021and we have villa bookings for Nov 2021and dec 2021, we are making up for the bookings we lost this year,

Dobby68 5 Aug 20 12:56 PM

We have booked for August 2021, staying for three weeks. Paid a deposit with TUI for flights and a Universal hotel, everything else will be booked next year. Need something positive to look forward to 😊 hoping parades, fireworks and water parks will all be back by then 🤞🏼

Susethomasx 5 Aug 20 01:02 PM

Oh heck, Ill join in too!

Were booked for late April 2021 after being rescheduled from early Sep 20 and then again from Oct 20 when all flights from Glasgow by VA were cancelled.

Weve got two weeks at Universal on site and no Disney which is unusual for us as wed normally do both but with Disneys changes we fancied the less planning of Universal after such a stressful year.

Itll be DHs birthday when were there so Im hoping to surprise him with one day over at HS to see Galaxys Edge though.

Fingers crossed for us all!

merkat 5 Aug 20 01:52 PM

We are the third attempt of our holiday!

booked for September 2021 - Wilderness lodge and tickets but need to book flights

Rebecca_ 5 Aug 20 01:56 PM

We're booked and excited for our 2021 trips too :)

Our October flights have been cancelled with Virgin so we've rebooked for February 2021 - only 11 nights because of annual leave but I can't wait. It's nice just to have something booked & to look forward to.

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