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Tinkerbell 11 Aug 20 09:06 AM

Cheapest mobile phone ideas?
Basically we both need new mobile phones. Sim free as we are contracted here in spain. Our requirements are very simple

Ability to phone;)

A few apps such as

MY fitness pal
My Team RH App
My audible
BBC sounds

Take a few photos

Reasonable storage nothing excessive

Thatís it. Any suggestion under £100!

DisneyDaffodil 11 Aug 20 09:14 AM

Iíve just ordered a Nokia 2.3 from Tesco for £75 including £10 airtime for DH. He only uses a phone for basic usage and basically the same as you mention so it seems to be suitable. I ordered it yesterday and itís due to be delivered today.

Itís PAYG but locked to Tesco mobile but they will unlock it within a year for a £10 fee or free after a year. My DH only uses around £10 every 4-6 months so we will use it on Tesco network for a year then change to a cheaper one (although Tesco isnít very expensive)

Edited as you said sim free, itís still worth checking out the phone from another shop to see if you can get it sim free. We found it quite difficult to buy sim free though which is why we ended up buying the Tesco one

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