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jojo_3596 24 Aug 20 11:08 PM

Portugal in October 2020- whatís the weather like and should I book last minute?
As the title says- thinking of a cheeky week in Oct half term but not sure how good the weather is at that time of year. Also, canít decide whether to book now, or wait a few more weeks to have a better idea of what the situation is? Just wondering if prices will start going up if I donít book it now :confused2

Blue nose 25 Aug 20 07:55 AM

I'm assuming you're either a teacher or have school aged children so therefore I personally wouldn't book in advance. I say this as someone who went to Majorca on 31st July and only returned to work yesterday, 24th August.

I wouldn't risk the uncertainty of it being cancelled again or having the worry of being forced to quarantine and missing another two weeks of school.

Most places in the Balearics are closing and I'd hazard a guess Portugal won't have much open by then if anything.

I'd love another holiyin October but for me, I'm waiting to see the effects of schools reopening and the start of autumn before committing to anything.

That said if you do book, make sure you can cancel/change at last minute without losing a load of money or at least get vouchers for next year.

Moorlandman 25 Aug 20 08:32 AM

October weather in Portugal is a little bit risky. Generally warm and sunny but there could be rainy/cloudy days.

Have you thought about Greece for October? Much better chance of warm >25c and dry weather

jojo_3596 25 Aug 20 08:56 AM

Yes Iíve got school age kids so tied to holidays. I agree- going to wait and see how things pan out over the next few weeks then possibly look to book the week before. Might be a whole different set of countryís on the quarantine list by then- 8 weeks away is a lifetime away in covid years!

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