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Little Green 24 Aug 19 11:10 AM

Gate ready e tickets for Universal from Orlando Attractions
Has anyone used these? We have 2 park 3 day tickets which say we can just use them at the turnstiles with photo ID.

Iím thinking of printing these smaller than A4 (all on one A4 page) so I donít have to fold the barcode and risk it becoming unreadable, and also to cut down on paper/stuff to carry about. Presume this will be OK?

Also, for photo ID DH and I will have driving licences, but DSS is 12 so weíll only have his passport, which we wouldnít usually take out with us. Do we all need ID?


Little Green 21 Sep 19 11:53 AM

Just bumping in case anyone can help.

Iíve read on another thread that the adult ID will be OK for DSS. However, Iíve also read that the use of the free Universal lockers at the rides uses park tickets... I really donít fancy carting large pieces of paper around and having to take them out whenever we want to use a locker. Can I exchange them for real tickets somewhere?

Scotty0910 21 Sep 19 12:14 PM

We had these in August and were not asked for ID at all - 2 adults and 1 14 year old. We just scanned the code and did our fingerprint and away we went. We did have our photo driving licenses on us if required but they weren't.

Sorry I can't help with shrinking the tickets - we took the A4 printouts. Hubby had them folded in pocket. Just be careful on water rides! They get soggy!

Sweets 21 Sep 19 12:20 PM

We put our print outs inside polly pockets (is that what they're called?), folded them and then popped them in our lanyards and took them out as and when we needed them. The were protected on water rides.

I'd invest in a lanyard each if you're unable to exchange for tickets.

Little Green 21 Sep 19 12:57 PM

Iím also worried about the water rides! I usually end up with soggy $$ in my purse! However, Popeye & Blutoís is closed while weíre there so may not get completely soaked. :)

Have been thinking about laminating but not sure the scanner would like that and itís overthinking things by even my standards...

Little Green 21 Sep 19 12:59 PM

Is it right you can take a bum bag with a three pronged closure on all the rides? That might be a good option, with the tickets in a plastic pouch.

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