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SiandAm 26 Jul 19 08:49 PM

A few observations from Disney this week
Just a few observations from our Disney visits this week
1. Every fastpass queue seems to be “overwhelmed” with people who all have the same fast pass return time, it’s almost as if they’re giving too many out, making these queues up to 30 minutes at times. Something we’ve not experienced before.
2. Very long stand by times advertised but we’ve not waited as long as stated, almost as if they’re wanting to put off people going into the standby line to get the fast pass queues down ( just our personal thought)
3. Food quality is significantly worse, with the exception of WGP at DS
4. Charges for resort parking despite it stating UK guests will not be charged until bookings after Jan 2020 ( although these were reimbursed quickly at guest services)
5. There are literally hundreds of tour groups everywhere which we’ve never experienced in July before.. mostly rude ones too!

Mr Tom Morrow 26 Jul 19 09:14 PM

OP. Some good observations,well done.

Yet again another post about falling standards in Disney dining. I've been saying it for years sad to say.

Orlando 2004 26 Jul 19 09:26 PM

This is the 2nd post I've seen in the past couple of days about long fastpass queues. I won't be impressed if fastpass queues are really long next month. :(

scottishnellie 26 Jul 19 10:00 PM

We were there a few weeks back and noticed the fastpass queues were much busier than previous years. Most notably spaceship earth at Epcot. The FP queue just looked like standby.

Gryff 26 Jul 19 10:14 PM

We also noticed this
A good few of our villa neighbors are Disney employees and have said
The reductions in seasonal staff this year all,over the parks hotels dinning car parking is unprecedented

Guest 26 Jul 19 10:57 PM

I’ve seen quite a lot written about Disney manipulating wait times, particularly stand by times to discourage guests from joining the lines.
They’ve got no need to improve food quality or increase the staff/guest ratio when they can keep increasing prices and still get increased gate numbers.

SiandAm 26 Jul 19 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by Mr Tom Morrow (Post 13978239)
OP. Some good observations,well done.

Yet again another post about falling standards in Disney dining. I've been saying it for years sad to say.

You’re right too. We don’t usually have free dining but have for this visit. I have to say, we’re not overly impressed which in really is a shame. Had we have paid out of pocket, some of these meals would have been far more expensive than they are worth.

YorkshireT 26 Jul 19 11:49 PM

Very sad to read. We’ve seen enough cuts in food quality couples with price increases to say enough is enough, Disney please stop.
The staff cutting and subsequent queue times increasing due to ride capacity being cut has been said before, by Len Testa, computer scientist, who runs Touring Plans.

Lisbon 26 Jul 19 11:51 PM

We had to queue for half an hour in the fastpass queue for Splash Mountain.
I did say the park didn't seem that busy for July but the queues for the rides were horrendous

florida girl 26 Jul 19 11:52 PM

Shame to hear.

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