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mickey house 6 May 21 08:10 PM

I fitted decking for my mum (picture)
My elderly mum had a few quotes for decking in her garden at around the £2,000 mark, so I did the job for her at half the price (I wouldn't rip my own mum off).

My mum went a bit quiet when she saw the finished job but I think she was just overwhelmed with it:

MOUSEMARSH 6 May 21 08:16 PM

That looks like Northern Decking to me MH, are you coming to the light side😁

Scotsmomma2 6 May 21 08:20 PM

Never mind Dibber of the year,you really should be awarded SPECIAL son of the year.😁

cornishfrogboy 6 May 21 08:24 PM

Great work, MH. Any Mother would be proud of you!

Sandra & co 6 May 21 08:28 PM

I have a few extra pallets if you need to fill the gaps! Amazing job she must of been overwhelmed itís beautiful. :d:

Tinks2014 6 May 21 08:28 PM

At this rate youíll be able to buy that house up north your after !

Claudette 6 May 21 08:40 PM

It looks really good, well done. We are finally getting round to doing ours this year and are planning something quite similar, although not as fancy as we donít have the budget for it.

m84ourlife 6 May 21 08:42 PM

Alf Garnett is live and well and living in Ruislip

Floridatilly 6 May 21 08:58 PM

You have excelled yourself there MH 😜😜

Disney_time 6 May 21 09:07 PM

Is that the decking she asked you to do in 2002? Goodness, time flies - you got that done in no time at all and it looks great!
Have the rest of the week off MH.

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