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Jakey Neverland 17 May 21 11:14 AM

Just to update my son had his yesterday, he had Covid the tail end of last year and he has so far had no side effects.

sameeel 17 May 21 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Pussycat Doll (Post 14961879)
Iíll be the one thatís says no. Itís not been around long enough to determine if there are fertility issues for either men or women.

Feel the same, my son had cv last year, would rather wait on the long term safety data.

rudie111 17 May 21 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by GLJ2 (Post 14962512)
Absolutely not. No one knows what the long term effects of the vaccines are. Why would anyone want to vaccinate there kids against something they have a virtually zero risk from.

There are three facts that canít be denied.
1. The vaccines are unlicensed and have been authorised (not approved) for Emergency Use Only.
2. They are still in stage 3 trials; these donít conclude until spring 2023.
3. Vaccine manufacturers have been granted indemnity for any Adverse Reactions.

Look up the eye watering number of Adverse reactions on the MHRA and VAERS websites!

If it is proved safe when trials finish in 2023, will you have it then?

YorkshireT 17 May 21 01:55 PM

Got our (just gone) 17 year old booked in for Thursday so she should be able to sneak the second in before our planned US trip- just in case US say vaccinated donít need tests etc.

Katnic1 17 May 21 02:24 PM

My daughter is 16 and I will let her have it as soon as sheís able.

ely3857 17 May 21 02:48 PM

My kids are 10&11, it we went down the route the US has with Pfizer for 12+ Iíd gladly take my eldest when the time came and I do wonder if her turning 12 might coincide with the UK jabbing high school kids.

State27 18 May 21 09:45 PM

My 16 year old had it weeks ago, my 14 year old this week

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