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Big Belle 14 May 21 08:36 PM

Yes. Yes. Yes

Bozza 14 May 21 08:36 PM

(I only answered "yes" as I like the idea of them being implanted with a tracker, and Bill Gates letting me know if they get up to no good.)

Jaybeez 14 May 21 08:37 PM

Absolutely yes.

Ivegottadream 14 May 21 08:37 PM

Yes. Vaccination isn't totally risk free but no one knows what the long term effects of covid are. On balance I come down on the side of the vaccine.

Smilesonfaces 14 May 21 08:38 PM

100% definitely yes !

amy56 14 May 21 08:43 PM

My boys are almost 14 and 17 and I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes and they are wanting the vaccine as well - they, like me, see this as our route out of this mess 👍

marypoppins38 14 May 21 08:45 PM

Yes, absolutely... and he would want it too.

Jakey Neverland 14 May 21 08:54 PM

I'm glad seeing everyone's responses. My son was 16 last week and is having his this weekend, I told my sister who though I should be more cautious which made me think maybe I am in the minority.

DiszeeBelle 14 May 21 08:54 PM

Yes. Im currently waiting for my 14yr old to be allowed haha

Lisa123wm 14 May 21 08:55 PM

My youngest is 16 and I would let him have the vaccine.
Ultimately it’s his choice though when the time comes.
My eldest who’s 22 has had his first dose, which was really my decision as his carer.
My daughter who is 20 doesn’t really want it, but has said she will have it when she’s invited.

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