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princess allie 14 May 21 08:59 PM

Ds13 wants to have it and I would be happy for him to have it too. Elder ds26 cant wait to have his either.

Pookie3101 14 May 21 09:01 PM

Yes. My daughter has not long turned 17 and Id be happy for her to be vaccinated.

cornishfrogboy 14 May 21 09:04 PM

Yes, most certainly. It is about protecting others.

jdndt 14 May 21 09:07 PM

I asked my 16 year old if he would be getting it if offered (I believe at 16 it should be his choice) and it was a yes no hesitation. My 18 year old is getting his second (AZ which is now banned for his age) tomorrow - he took it as soon as he was offered too.

I've had 2 doses of AZ and dh has had his first.

Disneyfreaks 14 May 21 09:10 PM

Yep, our DS15 has said hed like the vaccine & wed be happy for him to have it

Pussycat Doll 14 May 21 09:20 PM

Ill be the one thats says no. Its not been around long enough to determine if there are fertility issues for either men or women.

tocpe321 14 May 21 09:26 PM

I do have a 16 year old and I'm very happy for him to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

DonnaD 14 May 21 09:34 PM

My almost 15 year old is getting her's tomorrow here in Florida. Her 18 year old sister has already had both of her's

lexie32 14 May 21 09:35 PM

My 16 year old has already been vaccinated as was recommended by his medical team.!

babbymint 14 May 21 09:35 PM

Yes have 15 and 16 year olds but it will be their choice - I wont force them. I think they will but one has been really ill in the past which has left him with a fear of hospitals and needles.

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