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Gabsnoot 24 Jan 20 07:47 PM

Signed :)

Our leisure centre has had itís hours cut a couple of times in the last few years with council cuts.

Our department had a cost cutting reshuffle last year and tons of frontline staff were made redundant and an extra layer of managers was created :confused2. We actually now have managers who have no one to manage, oh and a manager who holds a part time post on 2 rungs of the ladder so line manages herself and no one else :erm: only in a local authority. No private company would entertain such nonsense because they couldnít afford to!

TINKERBELL44 24 Jan 20 09:27 PM

Done xx

toots82 25 Jan 20 11:09 PM

Thanks so much everyone xx

toots82 15 Feb 20 12:35 PM


Just a wee update (can't change heading on my phone). The council have knocked back any reduction of hours and any change in the services offered which is brilliant news. The whole thing seems to have had a great impact in that the centre has been super busy. I'm sitting here now with my eldest in junior gym and my youngest out playing football on the astro. There are swimming lessons going on and a que of people paying to get in and swim with their kids. We were here last night too and our club had 3 lanes of the pool for training and the rest of the pool was well attended too. Great to see. Many thanks to everyone who signed.

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