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curlysue2 6 Aug 20 02:00 PM

We did Dudley Zoo last week and was a fantastic experience.
The one way system worked really well and actually improved the experience as it guides you to every area.
Plenty hand gel and great distancing only goes wrong at the toilets.
Really impressed.

curlysue2 6 Aug 20 02:08 PM

Went to West Midlands Safari Park last week.
We were their for opening and queue was massive they had imprestive numbers in the park (hottest day of the year) I can't think they were limiting numbers to be honest.
Obviously the safari part no isues with distancing.
Once you leave your car and go to the park things change not much distancing but they do have sanitiser but not massive amounts.
They don't clean the rides that I saw says they use "zoono" which lasts 30 days they may clean once or twice maybe opening and closing but I wouldnt know.
While in a ride queue they have markers and again is only as good as the peoplemail around you.
The rides were either limited to just your party in a cart or spacing by blocking seats.
Out if the queue it's a mess with large groups just crowded together hard to distance.

caro 6 Aug 20 02:20 PM

We went to Legoland the first weekend they reopened and found it was OK (apart from the odd idiot family not abiding the social distancing in queues), but we got there early, did a few rides, had lunch early then walked around miniland and left around 2pm when queues were getting too long. We did the same on Tuesday this week and it was noticably busier, but we left at around 2 again once it was too much. We are lucky as we have annual passes so we are able to do part days.
We also did Chessington and it was a similar story. Get there early and do rides, wander around the Zoo once the queues get too long.
We are off to Alton Towers in a couple of weeks and will follow the same policy.
I take my own hand sanitizer with me as I find the park stuff too sticky, but there is plenty of it available.

Guest 6 Aug 20 02:22 PM

Thinking on going to Flamingo Land for a day. Has anyone been>?

Bellasmummy 6 Aug 20 02:36 PM

Dd went to chessington on Monday, she said it was fairly busy with waits up to an hour for the headline rides.

Slore 7 Aug 20 06:09 PM

We went Thorpe Park the second weekend it was open and did an overnight stay. Theyíd put a lot of thought into the queues with the yellow dots and so much sanitiser everywhere. Itís a shame that not a single person was social distancing.

This was the weekend before the stabbing so not sure how long security is to get in now. It took 40 mins before then.

tanyabanya 8 Aug 20 04:30 PM

We went to Alton Towers a few days ago, it was madness! So busy! If i'd known it was going to be that bad i really wouldn't of gone, but i was under the impression that they had reduced capacity...

Bazinga 39 8 Aug 20 04:33 PM

Been in Alton Towers for the last 2 days, very busy with huge queues

Whitequeen 8 Aug 20 05:16 PM

We've tried to cancel. Obviously no reply from them so I'm going into Twitter & Facebook soon! :thumbs-up

mikeclark007 8 Aug 20 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Bazinga 39 (Post 14606177)
Been in Alton Towers for the last 2 days, very busy with huge queues

Iím here now and agree but it was as expected so I canít be disappointed. In fact weíve been pleased with how the queues have moved. Given the social distancing markers it really makes you think your making progress. Havenít been for about 10 years so to experience Wickerman and 13 with my 7 year old was great. We ate as well and had a couple of alcoholic drinks later in the day as we are staying over - quite a pleasant experience and not one filled with as much dread as I was expecting.

Meal booked for this evening and if we get in the park first thing we will do most of the main rides again before a round a golf and heading home.

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