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dcems 15 May 19 06:57 PM

DAS pass for incontinenance
Would i get a disability pass for the above condition. I am very worried about how i will be able to cope in general but certainly queuing.
I get PIP and have a blue badge. I have tons of medical evidence.
I am not embarassed about it as it is what it is. But explaining it at guest services to a stranger is something i am not looking forward to

Dutchdisneyfan 15 May 19 06:58 PM

Our experience is that they don't ask why it is for.

amf 15 May 19 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Dutchdisneyfan (Post 13845780)
Our experience is that they don't ask why it is for.

True, guest services staff have no medical expertise so you do not need to name your condition. They will need to know, however, how your condition affects you in terms of the full ride experience.

I would guess that the main issue might be queueing and possibly wondering if you are going to make it on to the ride. One of my party had a similar issue when we went last November/December. We simply explained that the person concerned has a condition where there is little warning of needing the toilet and once the warning arrives then the need is so urgent that waiting in the queue was not an option. We added that the stress of wondering if the person would make it on to the ride, whilst in line, made the condition worse.

A DAS pass was given readily. I'm sure that you will be fine - just don't use medical terms:grin:

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