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kennycapes 22 Jan 20 02:34 PM

do you plan using busy day guide
planning our Aug 2020 trip and have put a plan together (staying on site) and in 19 days will do my ADRs.

i then noticed on another post that another dibber used the busy guide as part of their plan.

have you found it useful and work well? did you use it too.

any feedback would be great



SMAX 22 Jan 20 02:36 PM

If you are using EMH then just do what you want. For the days you are not using EMH then follow the Busy Day Guide to avoid the busier parks.

tiger01204 22 Jan 20 02:40 PM

We have done holidays with and without using the busy day guide and find there wasn't a lot of noticeable difference. Eg, End of August, all parks quieter than beginning, avoid waterparks at the weekends etc.


vampiress88 22 Jan 20 03:29 PM

I use this and also touringplans crowd calendar

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